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\\ve Toroj 











.; ■'.■•■:; ■ mm 



L»T » -A f^ini -A- : 

fasf Bridge water High School 

^School Library 

East Brwi ymouth Street 
' Bnd9e,A MA 02333 

Larry Joe Bird 
made his first trip 
to the Fieldhouse 
at Indiana University. 
Legend has it that 
the performance 
of a certain 6'9" center 
inspired in Bird two 
things ~ a love of basketball 
and a love of the number 33. 
We at the Torch think not. 



By Alexandra Nordberg and Jessica Sproule 

four years at East 
Bridgewater High School, 
the Class of 2007 ex- 
perienced many changes 
among our friends, our 
teachers, our coaches, our 
principals, and perhaps, 
most notably, within 

Through these memorable 
years, years filled with the 
triumphs and inconsistencies 
that mark adolescence, one 
man literally towered above 
us as a symbol of strength 
and stability, our Assistant 
Principal, Mr. Winston L. 
Fairfield, Jr. 

During our time at EBHS, Mr. 
Fairfield was a fixture at 
sporting events, student 
performances, and award 
ceremonies. He showed us 
repeatedly that he was not 
one to just sit and watch from 
the sidelines. Instead, he 
motivated students by getting 
involved with cheers of 
encouragement. Mr. 
Fairfield's outstanding 
commitment to the school 
and seniors was evident yet 
again during class color day 
of Spirit Week, when he wore 
the senior color -- red -- to 
motivate the seniors to win 
the "Most Spirited" award. 

In many ways, Mr. Fairfield 
was the anchor of our class: 
He was there for it all. We ran 
to him with exciting news. We 
brought him our concerns. 
Sometimes, we even 
attempted to run from him in 
foolhardy attempts to avoid 

Through it all, Mr. Fairfield was 
there for us. He dedicated his 
life to his students and school. 
He demonstrated this 
commitment everyday. Mr. 
Fairfield could always liven up 
a bad day with a few power 
claps and the biggest "Hoo- 
rah" anyone could imagine. 

Mr. Fairfield deserves more 
recognition than anyone could 
ever give him. It is with that 
thought in mind that the Class 
of 2007 dedicates the 2007 
Torch Yearbook to our 
assistant principal and biggest 
advocate, Mr. Fairfield. 


Tte Class of 2007 

IE. 13. M.S. 


Dear Class of 2007, 

The close of your senior year opens the book that will tell the story of your life. As you leave 
East Bridgewater High School remember to embrace the opportunity to make a difference in the 
world; never quell your curiosity or stop learning; remember to give more than you take and; 
always do and be your best. 

In closing, congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for a fulfilling life. 


Dr. Strojny 
Superintendent of Schools 


•--... -<-*> 

.**## I 




Dear Class of 2007, 

Congratulations, you have done it. After 12 long years of homework, tests, classes, MCAS 
exams, and studying, you have earned your diploma and graduated from high school. Now you 
will begin the next chapter in your life. Remember that whatever that chapter may be, you have 
been prepared to be successful through your education in East Bridgewater. Many of you may 
have noticed the sign upon entering the high school that reads, "Through these doors pass the 
world's best students." In my short time here at E.B.H.S., I truly believe that. Good luck and best 
wishes in your future endeavors. 


1U */ 

Principal Vieira 

— — in 


1 LfiE 

1 f ^ -1 


k -W J| 

^ ^ 




,5aJ<?tfL C<?MMITTE.E. 

Back Row: (L-R) Supt. Margaret H. Strojny, Ph.D., George McCabe, 

Thomas B. Hamilton - Vice Chairman, Robert Condon. 
Front Row: (L-R) Elizabeth Hayes - Secretary, Lisa Forbes - Chairman, 

Nancy Smith 

Left to Right - Rob Butler, Stephanie Rollins, and 

Rachel Davison 

~ The Faculty and Staff section is sponsored by Roche Bros. Supermarket on Rt. 18 


The East Bridgewater High 
School English Department is a 
wonderful combination of 
seasoned veterans and exciting 
new teachers, all ten of its 
members working together to 
provide their students with the 
ELA skills that will prepare 
them to communicate effectively 
for the rest of their lives. 
Because students are required to 
take four years of English in 
order to graduate, the members 
of the English Department are 
constantly assessing, preparing 

and delivering instruction that 
must meet the needs of the 
entire school population . 
Beyond their role as teachers in 
the school, members of the 
English Department are 
prominent members of the 
larger school community in 
that they serve students and 
faculty as coaches, advisors, 
committee members and 

- Mr. Cronin, 
Department Head 

Mr. Cronin 
Department Head 

"/m vrtiy serious" 

Ms. Hulke 

"it ~boeS Not bo to oweLL on 

OReamS aNO foRget to Live." 

-a.LBus ^umBLeooRe. 


s. Ross 

'Some people want 

it to happen, some 

wish it would 

happen, others 

make it happen." 

Ms. Mason 

"It's always the 

idle habits uou 

acquire which uou 

Lwill regret 1 . 1 *~ 

Ms. Schultz 

few vie'd A\ 4o iw^An^.' 

"ShaHcspeare said the eWorld's a 

Stage S° I try to get my lines 

right each and eoary page." 

Ms. Brown 

"Mutual respect" 
Word Ghoiee/^etiorr 


Social Studies 

The East Bridgewater High School Social Studies 
Department has experienced a great deal of change over 
the last two years, as long term veterans have retired and 
new young arrivals have been added to the lineup. But, 
although we differ in length of service, we all share one 
quality -- a passion for humankind's ongoing story. We 
firmly believe that all students should be equipped to be 
active, positive participants and citizens in our American 
and global societies. In order to fulfill that role in today's 
and tomorrow's world, there is a need to understand where 
we have come from and why we are here. The study of 
United States History, World History, and Current Events 
(tomorrow's history) allow us to better evaluate and 
appreciate our ever changing world. 

-- Mr. Illsley, Department Head. 

Mr. Illsley 

Ms. Duggan 




Mr. Eaton 

If u)OU can't laugh at ujoursclf, 
to© r©5t of to© world will." 

Mr Shippee 

Ms. LeMoine 


"History never 
looks like hish: 
when you are 
living Through it. 

% s 


Mr. Tarpey 

"The true test of character is not 

how much we know how to do, but 

how we behave when we don't 

know what to do." 

Class of 2007! You 
have made it! It has 
been a joy to watch 
you grow and thrive 
as young adults. To 
those of you whom 
we've had the 
pleasure to teach, we 
hope you'll be able to 
build on the 
foundation that 
you've laid. Good 
luck in all you do. - 
Mrs. O'Brien and 
Mrs. Boulrisse 

The difference between a successful 

person and others is not a lack of 

strength, not a lack of knowledge, but 

rather a lack of will." 

Mrs. O'Brien 

Mrs. Boulrisse 

The three great essential to achieve anything 
worth while are, first, hard work; second, 
stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense. 

Mathematic s 

The East Bridgewater High School Math Department is the place where everything should just 
make sense. From Mr. Charette's classes running all over the building, to Miss Alden torturing the 
BC Calculus students, there is rarely a dull moment. We hope that all of the students who attend 
East Bridgewater High School have the opportunity to take as much math as they want and feel 
that we provide them with all of the resources needed for them to succeed. 

"If you help others, you will be helped, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in one hundred years, but 
you will be helped. Nature must pay off the debt. It is a mathematical law and all life is 
mathematics." - Gurdjieff 

We hope that we, as the mathematics department, have helped 
you, our students, to succeed. -- Mr. Siddiqui, Department Head. 

Ms. Gibbons 


Mr. Siddiqui 

" A winner is someone who 
recognizes his God given 
talents, works his tail off to 
develop them into skills, and 
uses these skills to accomplish 
his goals" - Larry Bird 

Miss Alden 

"it ij the duty ©f all 

tsacherj, and ©f 
teacher; of 

mathematics in 
particular, to expose 

their students t© 
problems wucb more 

than to facts." 


Mr. Ryan 

"Rufus and Oscar go to 

work. Who makes more 

money if..." 

Mrs. Principe 

"& probhvo ^?€ 

Stated is 


- Joto Dew 

_r father, mother 
judgement you must pass. The fellow whose 
verdict counts most in your life is the one staring 
back from the glass." 


Congratulations to the Class of 2007!! 
There have been many changes in the science 
department over your four years at East 
Bridgewater High School. Many of you enjoyed 
courses with Coach Cushing, Mr. Parsons or Mr. 
Bernstein, who all retired from teaching at the 
end of your junior year. Now as seniors, you 
have seen the face of the science department 
dramatically change with the presence of five 
new teachers. From earth science to biology 
and chemistry or physics, the members of the 
department, old and new, have worked diligently 
to provide you with an excellent science 
education. We hope that your post-high school 
pursuits will be rewarding and bring you 
happiness and success. All our best to the 
Class of 2007. 

Ms. Croft 

pon which 
you can use to change th 

Tf you wait* to cb 
everything until your 
sure its right*, you'll 
probably never do mu 
of anything." 


The East Bridgewater High 
School Technology Department 
provides a strong base of 
knowledge in the world of 
technology. From Woods, to 
Metals, to Graphic Design, the 
students participate in hands-on, 
real-life technology, offering them 
invaluable experience that they 
will take with them for the rest of 
their lives. 





The East Bridgewater High School 
Music Department has for many years been 

synonymous with the slogan THE 


of the efforts of the students involved, and 

the hard work of a talented teaching staff. 

It is no coincidence that our Vikings 

Marching Band has been New England 

Champions twelve of the last thirteen years. 

It is also no coincidence that all of our 

performing high school ensembles, concert 

choir, Rhythmix, concert band, jazz band 

and marching band have been invited to 

perform in Disney World four times since 

1990, as well as numerous other national 

venues including Washington DC, Virginia 

Beach, and Toronto Canada. 
Congratulations to the senior class of 2007, 

and best wishes to all underclassmen on 

your continued efforts that make our music 

program great. 

Mr. Fantucchio, Director of Music 

Mrs. Phillips 

"Never be content with 

average. Average $ aj cluje 

to the bottom as it 

is to the top." 

Mr. Scull 

See Page 

'Well done i^ 

Mrs. Muj 

"One s mini 

once stretched 

by a new idea, 

never regains 

its original 


Mrs. Kelm 

Phe everyday kindness of the back 
roads more than makes up for the acts 
of greed in the headlines." 


IrOTefgD L$DgU$ge 

Ms. Liva 

Madame Gillispie 
"Ow we \toit fcieti quouec f e 

(MttAtfcle pCH*/r f ca i/eux. 

The goals of the Foreign Language 
department are to encourage proficiency in 

the target language, while instilling an 

appreciation of the cultures that utilize that 

language. Using authentic activities, music 

and food, the students of East Bridgewater 

High School learn and value the differences 

between our culture and that of the language 

that they are learning. This year, the 

department was fortunate to have Mrs. Seele 

join the team as a Spanish/French teacher. 

To the seniors, we wish each and every one 

of you felicitaciones, felicitations and 
congratulations on your accomplishments. 

Ms. Liva 

Mrs. Tucker 


Administration^ Office Staff, Library, Art, and StudaiL Stipport 

Superintendent Cote 

Mr. Fairfield 
Assistant Principal 

Dr. Goldstein-Fradin 
School Psychologist 

Doug Ortenzi 
Head Custodian 

Mrs. Tucker - Librarian 

Mr. Burkett - ALPS 

Mrs. McLaughlin, R.N. 

Mrs. Benson 

Officer Carey 

Mrs. Eichorn 

Mrs. Meade - Art 

Mr. Melzack -Art 

Mrs. Polese 

Mrs. Benner 

Mrs. Meade 

Mr. Tressel 


PauI lArldt? 

JuwtelU Y<Wte 


food Ukdv\ \o \&s>z tti^ir cell oVow dw4 in cU$< 




AwasaJa OewezlA 

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Corel* $'\\beA$cu. I 



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food b 



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Datum C^mW 



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MaHuw 5iU» 


Mi Rolb 


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fc^l 6c\ev&\$\. 

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Oko& [ilc^lii \o fehim \o \e>*c\\ <W coacV A £brf6. 






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Cahwoh /7Jes\ 


Oko£ bu$\w$$-\fl\\udzjL. 


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T 3^v 

Ic * ' 


Robert Corey Adams 

"Vou know what really grinds my gears?" - Peter Griffin 

Good times with my friends. 

Cruising in the lowrider listening to the Green-Team. 

Coming home from school and watching "Home Improvement" 

Hanging out with my girlfriend every day. I love you Samantha. 

Thanks to all my friends and my family for being there for me during my school years. 

Lauren Katherine Alger 

*ilfti@s© g|pg ffgii^ifl ^UuySj fl^ Utey >i0i® btj© sMfp" 

Trying to pass school as hard as I can, traveling across the country, chillen with the best people on the planet, 
not being in East Bridgewater is my main activity, doing artistic things, being around kids a lot, working as a 

teachers aide at the YMCA, trying to be a good role model for my younger sister Olivia. 
CC.ED,EP,JW,KD,HP,AA,CB,CP( Buddha) JV.KB.EC.LC go Big D! Shout out to Mr Eaton Mr Surette, and 
Mr Melzack awesome teachers. Mr. Fairfield; best assistant principle. I sat in about 70 detentions all four years 

with him. Much love. 

Christie Lynn Almeida 

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the garneT 

Babe Ruth 

Great times w/KS.TM,AC,JH,JS,KW,SF,MA,JD,MB2.Revs games w/LF+KH. RoadTrip; 

w/KS.Dome soccer w/KH. Plymouth 05 w/KW.Rascal Flatts w/KH.MCS 

w/JS ,JH,MA,JH.KW.Kenny Chesney w/ LF.Chiodos w/KW. LOBHUT crew. M.P. w/ JD. 

SF, KW. The Calculus 06. Kyle Joseph youll always be my best friend. Thank you Mom. 

Dad, Gram, Nena, Grampa, Liz, + Kelsey I love you. Daniel good luck next year! 

Cindy Chaves Amaral 

Good times with KS, SP, MB, KAR, ML, PC, CCC. Florida with PC. SheiKra front row. 

Visiting KS at Marylou's, remember when that lady fell??Haha. Movies with MB, great 

movie you picked Michelle!! Al and Bl with Sam. ..They didn't know. Haha. KAR we 

had a lot of fun this summer, too much hot driving, drinking water, and cooling off with 

Cumby's Chill Cones with ML. ..Missed you this year Pam! 


Matthew Ryan Anderson 

"$ou don't do- something fop as long as we did, tafie it to the level 

we took it to, feel theppide and sense- of achievement we Had, 

and Just let it go-," - Hon St. Oeopge- 

Activities: Football (1,2,3,4) Basketball ( 1 ) Baseball ( 1 ) Weight Lifting (2,3,4) 
CREW & CO: JH, JB, TB, LH, JH. Football made me a man & was always fun. 0- 1 6 basketball season was 
inreal, you can't deny my skyhook. I miss division champs freshman baseball. Friends for life: JH, JB. TB, JS, 
-, KS, RB. JD, EB, EL, AP, DD, SM, JI. JV, BOK, AB. RB, GB, JG. RT, MC, NG. NH, AL, RC. CB, CT, EM. 
:W, AH, MM, PL, DP, SH, RS, KS, CC, KB - if I missed anyone, I'm sorry. Special thanks to all my teachers 
it have helped me through the years. I love you Mom, Dad, & Chris. JP - you're the most amazing girl I've ever 
met, you make me a better person, and I'm truly in love with you. 

Crystal Ann Ashburn 

Is feast himself when he talks In his own person. Give him i 
mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Witde 

Field Hockey 10, Winter Track 10, Tennis 10 

AA JB AS RC MP CF KK, Julee (buttercup) . Venus. 

Conversations. COOKIES! (amazing), our Trio! Alex (lazybutt)- Big Red. The Jetti, 

Boston. Car Games. Spooky tape players :) Ang (Bubbles)-3 houses down the road from 

me since I was 7. Shows. Driving at 15 Christine- Fires. Shows. Poker. 

Snow Angels in Parking lots. 

Angela Atwood 

,( Fwo poods split off fipomhepe, and mg life goes- punning in- opposite 
directions, exaggerating the- Bappiep Between who 4- am 
and who 4 want to Be. 


om and dad, thanks for everyhing, I love you both so much. Thanks to all my friends that 
lade high school the best experience BM KD CA RC AF MK AP AL LA KD Love you 
iris! CA, cruise bubbles onramp close calls! KD-ily RC& CA- so many times RC-ilysm 
U<3 FH memories Scotts house camping06 Boys: AL PL SM MS TP TF KC AL AY JR 
T DK- scavenger hunts, billy. Bri&Ash,ilysm <3 Thanks to all the teachers and Winston 

Fairfield himself! 

Daniel Ellis Batchelder 

Activities: Hunting, fishing, archery, canoeing, chicken farming, working at Hanson Grain, History Alliance. 

National Honor Society, and 4-H. 
Wow. it's almost over. 4 short years have gone like a blink of an eye. We've all had a lot of fun and I think we've 

all grown a little as people along the way. Now it's time for us to leave this nest of security we call East 
Bridgewater and go out to claim this world as our own. We have had the privilege to grow up in what I consider 
one of the best places in the world, and now it is our responsibility to go and spread our knowledge to the rest of 
the globe and to better this planet not only for ourselves but for our children and their kids. Good luck and I hope 

to see you all again some day. 


Timothy Scott Beddia 

^Tg7>©ssibZe is l^ty^iftg 

Activities: Soccer 1 ,2,3 Capt 4, Basketball 1 ,2,3. Indoor Track 4; Executive Committee 1 ,2.3.4; Key Club 1 ,2\ ] 

Good times w/ JB JH MA AF BO SM NG CW MB KS CG MV JH LH BJ, Chillen w/ the Crew and Co, 

Bridgewater food court- Rob Stein, crunch wrap Supremes, fires over Liam's and J-hann's, Legend Points, NH jj 

the Cape w/ Belch and Hurl, TB Hospital. Bond Crew JB JH JH, Video games in general- NDP, badminton. 

summa time= the game. dirt bike ridding, working on the stang. The Matrix, Poker, Soccer 

( 14-2-2) SSL Champs/League All-star, Thanks to all my friends, family and God, Mom and Dad thanks for all m 

support and advice, and to the 2 best sister Nicole and Dani love you guys. Peace Out 

James Martin Belcher 

■•lt*$ not the $i$e of the &og in the fight* 
but the si$e of the fight in the dog" 

Activities: Football. Basketball Baseball, Lifting 
A good four years of high school that went to fast. Had fun on all the sports through the 

years, gunna miss goin to war with all of you. Good times with JH, TB, "TheCrew", 


Playin ball and goin to venus. Gunna miss the fires, rep the bridge. I want to thank my 

family and friends for being there for me, don't know what I would do without you. 

Elyse Marie Benner 

"kieuer -part without lovi'mg vxjords to thjnh of during ujour absence. 
It Mau) be that u>ou <ojjll not k^eet again In life.* 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3 captain 4. Spring Track 1,2,3 captain 4. Winter Track 3 captain 4. Basketball 1&2. 
Executive committee 1 ,2,3,4. Class Treasurer 2. Key Club 1&2. Student Senate 1&2. Yearbook Committee 

Class Skit 3&4. 
Memories: Unreal times w/LN.KC.MF.DT.JM.BD.MR.MB.BR.CW.SR.LO.JD.SA.MO.JS.PL.AF. 
Plymouth/jetty. Kims. NH w/ the crew for my b-day. skiing w/ Sarah & the boys.Junior Prom 05 w/ DTJunior Paj 
06 w/ SM.ill times at Brasills S.C. w/ Sarah then Lye. summer 04 05 & 06. Begleys. chills at my house. after 
proms. patio chills. 31 Ljust disc clique. PCC 03.swishers w/ LN & JD. NH W/ LN & KC. fires. new years eve.r 
Canada & Maine w/ SR.BPL. soccer girls<3.JMs house. backroll minority! Fis open house. Cancun. Brians hou 
Cam West is the coolest = ] LN thanks for always being there. Love You Mom. Dad, Bill. Sean, and Victori 
Thanks for everything! Peace out EBHS and good luck class of 07' 

Michelle Leigh Bennett 

"Life Is onc tig ».oa6 wltH Lots of slgNS So v»Bes you *Jo!n§ tnitu tHe nuts 5oN't complicate 

youn mlNO fLee f«.om Hate, mlJCHlef aNOjeaLousy Sotj't Buny youx tHouQHts 

put you& visioN to ReaLity."- Bob UlanXey 

Activities: Key Club 2,3 , Sadd 2. Stand 

Better Bean whe w/sp&jb. walmart w/jb. sleepovers w/sp. NA: trampoline fights w/er sg mt bg. boston& medford 

w/er. walking around medford w/bk. lunch w/sp ks ca we missed you senior year pam! english w/ kk jb jh pc .NH 

w/sp k&m. laughing&lasertag oh boy, okay greatt w/jh. singing in the car w/jb. chem w/ sp jb ks. talks w/sp. 

Laines i miss you! laughing so hard at pizza hut & the park in the rain w/jb. Er sp jb idk what id do w/o you 

thanks! Love you dad mom eileen dave tim&rach 


Brittany Lee Benson 

-£km:fcry 6cc<suse its over, smtle ficcaitsc zt ' /tappe/bec/ 3 

Activities: Art Club- Freshmen to senior year. Nurse's Club- Freshmen to junior year. Tech Prep- Senior year, 
d like to thank all my friends; KR.SM.MO.JZ.SR.SB.JF.TM.KB.EF.KW. So many memories that will never he 
irgotten. "For all the times we laughed so hard, we couldn't help hut cry. For all the inside jokes ami "remember 

whens" that make them call us true best friends." I'll miss you all. 
To my teachers, I'm very grateful for the knowledge you have given me over the past four years. Thank you so 

I couldn't ask for better parents or sister. Thank you for everything' 

-Its our time to shine... Seniors '07- 


E W 

r * 




Briana Alden Blackman 

"If you believe in something so strongly, 
any goal can be accomplished." 

Activities: Cheerleading 1. Winter Track 1. Tennis 2 & 4. Nursing club 1-4, Yearbook 4. 

The past four years here at EBHS have been great! Thanks to all of my friends for everything. You all 

mean so much to me If it wasn't for you guys i wouldn't be the person who i am today. Thank you 

Scott. Meg, Mich. Sum. Chris. Mike. Daniel, John Dean, Sam. Growing up with ST has been the best 

experience of my life I LOVE you'Torever & Ever Babe"!DF"Mel"(I believe in YOU. don't ever give 

up)homecoming 06 "It's A Girl Thing" w/ SR LO JL MH.SkiTrip.Fires @ RB & DD,beach trips with my 

bestest bud JD.Jr.Prom w/ OC.SixFlags.Canobie. Boston w/ Crew*. AV Skinners tip dance. & Thanks to 

all of the others that made high school amazing;RB.KC.CT.CC,JR.OC.CM.SR.JL,PL,GW, 

AV,RC,AR.Thanks Mom.Dad.Andria! I love you<3 Good Luck Class of 2007!! =) 

Melissa Lynn Blood 

'Our deepest I ear is not that <ve are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that 
ue are powerful beyond belief." - Coach Carter 

Tech Prep 1,2,3.4; Executive Committee 1,2; Soccer 3 
II what to say in the senior bio I got not a clue 1 guess I will start with thank you's first I want to thank my sister 
;ph for always being my inspiration and best friend I love ya, next I want to thank Pat, Kort, and Ryan you guys 
e the best I'll miss ya guys. Big Dan and Erik wish ya guys the best, Erna, Cami, an Meg I love you guys and 111 
i ss ya and I guess I will mention Wyane and Rob P. great times just chill Wyane dont forget KRF haha and Tony 
thanks for all the laughs in study sorry if I forgot anyone I love ya all. 

Julianne Virginia Bodio 

I UtfPC. Y0U tlAD TUt TIME- Of Y0UE. UFC." - (^EttN Pay 


walmart.venus night,providence, movie nights, boston, shows, RI,bouncy balls, dance parties! 

Sammy-From forts to boy scouts, to piano & our bikes, Christmas & vacations. 6 yrs never 

been better. We rule. Ill always love u. Boogiebutt (Crystal)-Our lovely trips. Venus 

rituals, amazing talks, our awesome trio. Ur the best. Mom, Dad. Steph, & Bri-My 

everything. I couldnt ask for better parents. & my sisters, my best friends. Thanks for 

always being there. I love you! 37 

Ronald Joseph Bohn III 

'Ccirpc diem. Seize tha day/ 

Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country 

I want to be successful at my career and have a family of my own. 

Those who live life to the fullest extent are the people that will remembei 

and be remembered for who they are. 

Kasey Ann Bosworth 

"Yd try to gfre you gverythtog hut If I M, well, 
then I fett, out ft lent I gm you soroethtog." 

Activities: Key Club-9, 10 Reach Out-12 

Erica and Alicia I love you SO much <3 Michelle and Joe thank you for being there for me. I love 

you two. I will never forget you guys. JV ILY. Jay Ruth, you showed me many things . I will never 

forget all the memories, j.d. my future prom date<3.. I love my parents so much. 143 mom. Megan, 

Merry, Shawn and Tori I love you guys. Sean I love you more than anything. Youre my hero and my 

best friend. I love you so much. I love everyone who came into my life one way or another. 

Christian Michael Boudreau 

1 think fve discovered the secret of life - you ju$t haug around ut] 
you $et used to it." - Charles AV Schuk 

Activities - football 1,2,3,4, captain 4. winter track 1,2,3 spring track 2,2 
future plans: Become a gourmet chef on the Food Network 

What a long strange trip it's been 

Caren I love you, you're my favorite. Everyone else its been great. 
East Bridgewater football rules!!! 

Seth Adam Bouldry 

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, 
concentrate the mind on the present moment." - Buddha 

First of all I would like to thank my Mom, and my grandparents 

for pushing me the extra mile to achieve what is best for me. God for 

lighting the path, and my friends who make everyday great: EM, MG, EM, 

ML, DM, AP, BL, JR, SY, RT, AA, LA, EP, JW, CB, ED and many more. 


Michael Joseph Brack 

"you nave to wonder at times wfiofyou're doing out tfiere, Over t(ne years, iVe given 

myself a thousand reasons to (?eep rwntolug, but it always cowes bac£ to wnere it started, It 

comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement." - Pre 

Activities: Cross Country 2. 3, Captain 4. Indoor Track 1 . 2. 3, 4. Spring Track 1 , 2, 3, 4, 

Executive Committee 1, 2. 3, 4 
heat times with the Cross Country. Indoor, and Outdoor Track teams, XC bus rides, NY with the team. Nerf Gun 
tights, playing Frisbee/Football on common, pasta tests, Tom Rollins cooldowns, Dunnies stories. Shout outs to 
)B MB TB MC CD MB WK TP CH MS NI JS KW CA KB KG SM KC CG JM SV, thank you Mr. McCabe for 
everything, car rideswith trav, Marshtield, DBS = Amazing, mud path running, winning the SSL Championship 
nd being League All Star for XC. MADE video. Thanks for everything Mom. Dad, and Bob, youve always been 

there for me. 

Ryan James Brasill 


2, 3, 4, Student Senate 2, 3, 4, Student Advisory Council 3, 4, 

French Club 3, 4 Homecoming Court 4. 


LN SM AI SA MO Vermont TripToEurope MyHouse NewYearsEve05 SkiTrip Venus 

PuddleJump JuniorProm&After SixFlags WalmartTrips Taco Bell. Thats My Life. Katie, 

your love is like bad medicine. 

Erik Paul Burns 

"Life is the Hcjcjest roller coaster you vwll ever be on, you 
don t know when it is (pine/ to turn, stop, or even flip" 

Riding the bikes we made in metals, the title "barrel master". 

Good times in chilcots cad class, too many detentions, lol. Mr. Phillips 

and the scarlet letter. Good times in ms. Crowells class. Prom '06, '07. Mr. Fairfields 

office. "Defend your castle." Mr. Surette always being right. Gym 

class, the best four years of my life 





I ®^p» 




Alicia Gabrielle Byrne 

Xive as if vou were to die tomorrow. 
Ceam as if you were to live forever." 

K*Bos and Ericurr I love u and idk what I would do w/o you. Homemade Slip&Slide=Bomb. Dancing at McDs w. 

ring tones GTs. Donut fights. Michelle love movie nights at ur house, ur system is sick, love u and im a do what 1 

want whateva. Joe GTs ur like a bro ill always be here for u have u ever had eggnog?lol. JV&SH so many GTs 

love yeas and ill always be here 4 u. Alycia which one? Lol Summa 06 couldnt be any betta. Late nights, 6 flags. 

beach at nights, many more. Thanks Mom. Dad, Angeli Fam. Chris, and Kt couldnt have done this w/o yeas! See 

yea lata Class of 07 Good luck. 


Erica Lynne Cahill 

"If we take care of the momemj, the year; will take care of 
thernjelves." -Maria Cdgeworth 

Activities: Paula Coffey competition team, Key Club 9-11. executive 9, Art club 10. 
These 4 yrs. have gone by way too fast, i wouldnt be able to do it if it wasnt for 
kb,ab,mp,jh,,jv,sh,ar,dt. i loveU Kasey btw you are an awesome driver. Alicia 143 you ar 
my one and only<3.Cant wait to go to canada guys! Michelle my new roomy <3 U ! Joe, 
love our late night talks <3. 3 our movie nights Jess good times Miss them. Jjl 
prom. Boston with the girls. My 2nd family 143. Thanks Mom Dad Jamie & Danny love! 
you guys. Thank you everyone. Good luck 07 ! ! peace 

Bridget Elizabeth Callahan 

I love you Mike Tessier. Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. 

Good times with you know who you are. 

Last but not least, thanks for everything. 

Mom, Dad, Caitlin, and Patrick, I love you guys. 

Kimberly Marie Campbell 

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don'1 
matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss 

Activities: Soccer 1.2,3 Captain 4. Spring Track 1,2 Winter Track 1. Executive 1,2 
Good times with EB LN SM JR BR JN ED RC BP. My soccer girls <3 EB LN SM JS KK LO CP BC KC KR li 
SA LC SH JB. Tourney 05 & 06 Git ur done! Good times w/ DL RZ PG RV CM RV DJ. Keep the change. ED 
BP. Hammertime. Summer 04 w/ EB LN SM, Aunts house. NH with Bennah & Lycia. Gt and fires at LNs wi*| 
the tiki torch. JBs. MB MR DV MF DT <3 miss you guys. Homecoming 05. BR JN good fun ily. J. Rob and tl 
boys <3 You know whats good when you get back kid. BP always love ya babe. Gt at Britt and Ryans house 
Prom 05 w/ Corey & 06 w/ Dany. Thanks Mom. Dad, Coleen, Shannon and Joseph. 

Daryn Lyn Center 

"^©©J^here ## are tf©^ 

Activities: Dance. Executive 
Ms. Gibbons class freshman year! Megh, BFF! 1 wouldnt have made it through high school without you! Apey, 

youre pretty cool too. I love you both! RA MD. SM-So many good times together, more to come! Peacefuls, 

Venus. Dunks Wednesdays! Goin to the movies with ME EG every weekend freshman year! Summer 06 goin to 

Amys everyday! Sleepovers, Mall Trips, Fires. Abbreves, Dinner at JOES. Planet Smoothie! Biking, trips to the 

S.P. Good times with everyone: AP (friends since I moved here!). B. P-hillips, RC, RD. KK.RC. LE, Chrissypoo! 

Mom, Dad, and Dani thanks for everything! 


Yelena Chebotnikova 

"Life is a game, play it, enjoy it, win it." 

Activities: Chorus for 2 years 

The past four years has been the best years of my life I cant believe I'm growing up, and 

moving forward with my life. I'm not afraid. I am really anxious to go out there and be on 

ny own. I have memories to last me a life time. My senior class, I love you guys, and wish 

l/ou all the best in the future. Thanks for a great last year. CC DP MA web design days, oh 

how I love you guys. CB EP JV SH ZV MW DT AR it wouldn't have been the same 

without you guys. Sorry to anyone I forgot. 

Michelle Dawn Coffin 

"&veru tune that I look ui the Mirror, all these lines in mu face are getting clearer. 

the past is gone, U went bu like dusk to Pawn, lent that the way, 

everybody's got their dues m life to ?au." 

DREAM ON!!! Good times with ZV SR MM KM BM MK Brian my loving 
Bro. MC and LD love yas EH BF NR Cloony DM AS JC JP and Eddie 

Adams (Tedwood) My love. 

Kayla Elishevah Coffman 

"Dreams come "true, WrtWxfHVi^eo^WiUlify 
Kvdunc wcmUI %rdCw^c-fce, u* \o Vwe, "IVion" 

Thanks to all my friends for making my high school life AMAZING; the usual-KR. BP, KK. CG RD. LE. AM. 
Uh grade, Pool Hopping. PCC 04. The Body Falls : Revenge of the Red Heads. 4-sqaure parties, watermelons and 
strawberries mall trips to try on outrageous dresses. Mean Girls, Disney Trip 07. Lucky Stripes. CG likes it, I 
want a fig newton HA trips, Popcorn! Slaughter House Massacre. what dude? AC and BC make life great The 
ORIGINAL Thursday Night Venus. Thurs. night dictionary. Prom 06. We are the older women, Friday night 
dome games. Soccer Girls-Git er SM. JS, LO. SA, MO. Jacob Robert Adams. I Love You, 4.28.06. EB, BM. you 
guys are ok too. Madame Gillespie. Tu me manque. 111 always remember. Life is like a can of peas I love you 

mom. dad, Chels. and Ty. So long EBHS. 

Rachel Liane Colburn 

TaV-c wUcCTvou c-c^io jroyyy your cknejcwvYi,, vww-e, TVie**t 

-'TWe K*ttW.w«> 

cre» neal otb aioytvmo**." 

Activities: Field Hockey - 1,23,4. Winter Track - 1,2. Spring Track - 1.2 

Growing up w/ ED EB SM KC RC KK RD BP. FH gunna miss it. League Champs Back2Back 05&06. You gaat 

it. Whatupp Tourney(s)?! Campout06. Busrides(Harwich) RC AP JR LE KK RD BP <3 Homecoming@BP's. 

Sebago (Leprechauns, etc) Summer 06. Venus nights w/everyone. accident w. DC.AP, my sister<3through pretty 

much everything. AA CA. ilsm! way too much.Beach House.Brant Rock. UC CS WC's w/ KK JS RD MG JG. 

GeorgiRichyRegisLippy.KC's. Martha's Vineyard w/BB "the Minks". Jr. Prom w/ JD. Can't believe it's 

over!. Mom. Dad, Doug. Rick ILoveYouSOmuch! thanks for everything! 


Caren Alice Comeau 

"1 never thMc of the future - it comes soon enough/' 

AJoert Cnstetn 

I'd just like to say I'm grateful for the people I have in my life, my friends 

are amazing, I'll have these memories with me wherever I go. Mom, Dad & 

Christopher, love you guys, thank you for everything. Big D is my hero. 

Anyways I love you all, short and sweet. =) 

Kevin McHugh Conrad 

'Vou aithar gat docon or lay doaon, and \f you lay down, you 
Stay doaon." — Sfcata Proparty 

Well High School was great. I have hardly any complaints. I remember all the nights 

around town with the friends, so thanks to J.OC, M.D., S.Y., D.D., R.B., C.T., J.D., C.C., 

CM., P.L., S.M.. J.B., S.R., T.B., M.V., B.B., B.F., B.OK., E.B., L.N., B.B., M.H., J.L. All 

you played a huge role in my life and I hope you know how much I will treasure our 

friendships. Special memories include beach trips at night, Sunday football at Brasills and 

Senior Leadership Retreat. I will miss all of you. I hope to see everyone later in life. 

Christopher Michael Contre 

••Take a chancy the futures in your hands, make it whf 
you can, between your time has reached the end> 

Activities: Freshman: Freshman baseball; Sophomore: JV baseball; Junior: Varsity baseball; Winter Track; 
Executive committee; National Honors Society Senior: Varsity baseball; Executive committee; National Hono 


I would like to thank my mom, dad and brother for putting up with me and helping me through these four year; 

my friends DD SM JD RB SR AP KC BC JL JR BB SY LO LL MA SM MP JO CM PL TB JB, thanks for 

everything! Summer 06 was awesome; six flags; sox games with SM, RB. BC; bruins games with RB, BC; fires 

RB; random nights in the BPL; the beach; cyo ski trips: the rox with SM; NH with DD, SM; July 4th; Vikings 

baseball 2006, New Years Eve 2007 amazing year guys! Good luck everyone. 

Joshua Thomas Coots 

• tT&l> 

e chances" 

Activities: Work 
Future plans: Help running family business 


Ashley Marie Craig 

"A mcmerkk keeks <\i of o second buk khe memctVj Uves en fcievec." 


Activities: Basketball 1, 2 and NHS 3,4 
AJ JC JS KS CA JH LE KL KH JG KH MS AS TM ML SF JV We had so many amazing times thank you tor all 

the memories and everything you have done for me. Boston, fires, driving around, vacations, Seekonk, and so 

nany more. Ill miss not being able to see you all the time. AJ, JC, and KH you have always been there for me and 

I dont know what I would do without you. Thanks again to all my family, especially my mom, and friends who 

have supported me through everything. I love you. Good luck to the rest of the class of 2007. 

Mark Thomas Cusick 

Mark Steven D f Angelo Jr. 

"tiakunah-Matata (it means "no woTTies ,, ) ,, 

Activities: Boyscouts 12 yrs Football 1.2,3,4? Winter and spring Track 1,2,3 

WOW! That went fast! I always swore it wouldn't go so quickly but it did. Word to the juniors: take your time 

and enjoy life, get out of your house this summer and hang out with your friends. Lots of fun on 

history alliance trips gonna miss you mrs Roan lots of crazyness with BP, RD, LE, AM. KK, KC, MD oh yeah 

+ the elites too. AW you're the man good luck with the troop. Amafantasderful fun with Samuel 

Jerome Younger on BOYSCOUT trips, we made EAGLE O'Yeah! Memorable high school moments; 

FOODFIGHT! Lunch, detentions, theatre class, prom was phenomenal, Mr. Illsley. Mrs. Crowell 


Rachel Irena Davison 

Ton should never let the nut eet on tomorrow 
before the sua asm today** 

Field Hockey 1 .2.3.4 Indoor Track 1 ,2 Outdoor Track 1 .2 

History Alliance 1,2.3.4 VP 3.4 Executive Board 1,2.3.4 Student Senate 3,4 S 4 

Student Advisory to the School Committee 3,4 

NationalHonor Society 3.4 

BP KC KK KR SH SR LE MD MC RC AM RS- ly. friends forever. Fab 5- NH, HA trips, PEI with MD SR- sd| 

PEI with KC SH, Disney with BP- first class. Solid 7 RC AP JR BP LE KK, Prom with KO, Fruit toss, dance 
parties always, pool hopping, lucky stripes, scoop, sunglass crew-SH RC KC BP, random adventures, stop n shoi 
ugli fruit -KK MC, FWD with SR KK- emails haha. TNP Crew. Mean girls, cement island at Walmart, outrageoi 
try ons at HM. Disney 07 KC LE KR BP KK. FRIENDS* SR, CraigviTle with UCCS. Thanks Mom. Dad, Kari. 

love you. 

Dean Thomas DeBenedictis 

"Why did you want to play college hockey?" 

'Isn't it obvious? For the girls." 


Activities: EAB Hockey. CYO. Executive 

Sammy gents41ife. Zach(HZMC) best cousin I could ever have. Lu thanks for everything youre awesome. Great 

times with AL.AG.Brasil.Bri. Buddy Andy, BillyFloyd.CC.Connie.CM.FalTony.Gav.GD.JD.JL. Joe 

Bud.JOC.JB.JH.MattyP. MarkyD.PL.Stephy.Smurphy.SS.TolFin.Traskie(HERO). You are the best group of 

friends I could ever hang with. Good times:NH, fireworks. longboarding.streethockey. Paintball. biking, shows, 

BPL.jetskiing. waterskiing. wigwam, MGSfest, forts, fires, beach.jetta.hoedown, theme 

bowling. skitrip.sixllags.jrpromw/stephy. retreat, Ymca.Toboggan. These have been the best times I have had with 

the best of friends that I wont ever forget. My family and Fr.Wally. none of this would have been 

possible without you. 


John William Dennehy 

'Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted." 

Activities: Executive 1-4. High School Council , Student Senate , Homecoming Court, | 

Indoor Track 2, Spring Track 2 
J'you Dont! Summer 06, Six Flags, Beach with Bri, Bon fire at Duxbury beach SR SM C< 
BPL, Ho-Down at Larks, Brasills. w/ EB, LN. Bend n' Snap, Florida w/ fun, YT 

Ski Trips, Prom, Homecoming 06'. Steph thanks for everything. 

Thanks to the friends. We had some good times RB, SR, JL. EB, CW, LN,PL, SM, LO. 

BB. MH. SM. CC, DD, LL, AP. SM. KC. JO. CM, JH. 

Mom, Dad, Pat and Dan thanks for everything, love you. 

Peace out EBHS. 

Jack Ryan Donovan 

Its my Island!!"- Bravebeart 

Good times at EB High school. Good times going to see movies and hanging out after 
school. Going miss the rust colored water. Also going to miss all the times we spent the 

whole time laughing at lunch. 

p.s. Doge Ram 1500 is better then a stupid Toyota 


Kristin Ashley Doucette 

•everyday is a page in the book of your life, the question is; 
Who is writing them?" - flnonymous 

Activities: Marching Band: 3.4 Winter Guard: 2 Drama Club: 2,3,4 Chorus: 4 Acapella: 4 

Amazing times with KW & JH! Early Morning DD runs. I wouldnt be here without my friends 

Kortney, Jess, Jordan, Sara and ofc my love Tony. Mom, Dad, Paul and Kathy, you have been there 

for me through everything, I dont know what I would do without you, even you Jimmy. Marching 

Band was Awesome! Gunna miss CDWs, the sick bus rides, my color guard girls, and everyone else. 

KW JH AN DM KR JH NP JP KW PB JS JD CL ZT JH KC! Fun times with JV & KW on Jess' B- 

day. haha ily both. AR BT JK SD KP and anyone else I missed! Will miss you all when college 

comes! Keep in touch!!! 

Emily Marie Dovell 

"As we grow older, it becomes difficult to just believe. It's not that 
we don't want to, but too much has happened that we just can't." 

Em, way 2 many times, rattlin the doors of Stop n Shop.runnin thru the foxborough co. 

Sleepin in the pourin rain w/ J.wL.aC.bA.gS.l. Jw- INVERSE! DIRECT!. Good times w/ 

kc, re, bp..keep the change Kirst Me & Lau dancin w/ trees in the snow /the mall. Britt-ily. 

Ry I love you always. Mom & dad, thx 4 everything, ILY 

Meghan Lynel Dupras 


iu fiAMMi av> HU HfiUTEEM CABRWEtt 

m W ®M 8TM Ull TT1SS F6SSIW1B.' 

Activities: Tennis: 9. 10. 11, 12, Executive Committee: 9, 10, 11. 12. French Club: 1 

National Honor Society: 11, 12 
I'm actually gonna miss this place! Sooo many good times! 2BP, SR. KK. RD. 
CF. AP, 2RC. KR. SM. LE. JS. 1 love you all. Daryn- BFF! Youve made high 

school awesome! What would I do without you?! Ape waitwhat?! <3. 

RA MD. Biking Minors! Corey and Rach ST and TC! haha. wswwt?! Chrissy! 

Mr. Happy's Hat! Venus Thursdays. Peacefuls! Dunks! RAW 06. AMY!! 

Chrissypooo! Fires. Sleepovers, the mall. <3. The Beep Story, a dallop. a 

stick in thaa mud. hairpin turn. GOD AWFUL, haha - my friends are awesome. 

Much love to the fam <3! 

1. 12 

Derek Michael Robert Duquette 

Activities: East Bridgewater History Alliance. 

It's been a good four years. I am glad to be graduating. The best part of high school was the History Alliance. The 

best moments of my high school career happened on those trips with my friends Dan. Jack. Tom. and Tony. Good 

luck to everyone, and if your reading this years after we graduate I hope youve achieved your goals. 


Lindsay Michelle Egan 

If iwpsiBTfflinnr mmwi mmn, mm & mm- 

Activities, Field Hockey 2,3,4 Capt. 4, Winter Track 1 ,2,3,4 Capt. 4, Spring Track 1 ,2,3,4 Capt 4. Student sena j 

2,3,4 History Alliance 1,2 French club 3,4 
So many good times with everyone. Ily girls-KK.BP.KR.KC.RD.MC.RC.AM.MD. friends always. HA trips wi| 
the girls, "the body falls" part 1+2 w/BP.Real women four square and eating pics with KK.PCC w.Alex and 
Kevin-ly boys. Summer 05' 06". Poolhopping. Prom w/MS, good times. Solid Seven crew- 
RC.AP.KK.RD.BP.JR.-ly fhockey girls. LJ Crew SA+ MO (spice world) bffl. Track girls, ily. Hurdle crew- 
yeah about that." The Shed. Random adventures w/AP.RC.BP.KK.RD. MB good times. Florida '07!. Thanks f j 
everything Mom, Dad, Steph, Ryan. I love you. I wish the best for everyone, I will miss you all. Peace out EBP, 

its been real. ...and then I found 20 dollars. 

Jacob Branson Ellis 

It's go time 


Soccer 1-4, Baseball 2 

Id like to give a shout out to Zack and Ponte my two band mates. Most 

importantly Ashleigh, my girl friend, who I know will always be there for me 

and I can say anything to, I love you. Great times with J.M.,J.M., the D.C., 

N.D.,W.S.,Z.V. D.P 

Christine Marie Farrell 

"Sk laughed until we bad to cry, we loved right down to our last goodbye, but over the ye 
well smile and recall, for just one moment we bad it all" 

ACTIVITIES: NHS 3,4 Executive 2,3,4 Torch Yearbook 4 Tennis 3,4 Key Club 2 Prom Committee 2,3,4 Fl( 

Committee 2,3 Homecoming Committee 3,4 Semi-Formal 2,4 Math Club 3 

Tech Prep/Women in Technology 2,3.4 

JS,MD,LN,JB,JH.BP,LO,AV.SM,EB,JR,CA,AP.ilu girls.Q&U. PG crew. Goodol times w/AFJS.LN.Skateto 1 

days.Car washes.Zoo w/MS&JS.7&8 gr. B-ball.Im so embarrassed.Meg-visiting NEU.Mr. Happys Hat.Thur; 

Venus Night. WH Prom05&06 w/MS.Jr.Prom06 w/MS.SnowAngels in Ginos parking lot w/CA.16th bday 

party. PCC 2003. ure all up in my bumper. Im a bronze god. Thank you for believing in me Babe. I am excited I 

start a new chapter in our lives.Thanks to my family-Mom, Dad, Michelle, and teachers for all of the love an 

support. And Good Luck to the Class of 07 ilu guys! 

Leeanna Mae Feagins 

"it is Not our aBiLities tHat show WHat we tRuLy 

aRe, it is our CHoiCes." - ^umBeLuone, HaRRy potteR 

aNO tHe CHamBeR of SeCRets 

Activities: Drama Club 2 & 3, Art Club 1, 2, & 3, Chorus 4 

Born October 28, 1988, Stoughton, Ma. No Im not Hispanic, my mother is white, my father African American. 

Im also not a midget, Im just SHORT. Contrary to belief I didnt have gastric bypass in freshman year. I actually 

exercised to a better life style. I love GOD, theater, movies, reading, and fashion. My future includes continuing 

my education in Theater Arts, at John Robert Powers Acting and Modeling School, Boston, where Ive been signed 

with an Agent since 2006. I turned 18 recently and realized high school, made me stronger. I can achieve my 

goals and persevere. I can hold my head high and be proud of who I am. 


David Alan Field Jr. 

Activities: Football 

enior Bio: Whats up to everyone that stayed true to me, through the worst times and the best. I love you. .1 want 
) say thanks to my mom and my sister for all their support in life. Rest In Peace James M. Anderson. God Only 
ikes The Best. I love you and I will always miss you . Shout out to my true boys : Real Deal D.F., Yaka, J-Rod, 

SK..IY.GO.RB.JG.NT,JE.AD.JM.DK.MM,JC. DP.BC AY.JY.& GO fun times in Boston and the Celtics 

games.JY driving the Max haha...Waddup to the Entourage Well now 1 Want to shout out all my girls : 

atiana. MD.AD. SG.AA.BB.AF.DC.KM.... Thanks for everything and always being there for me. 1 want to say 

inks to everybody from AIR... BB.CP.MR.JJ. JC.BT.KH.CH and FC Well high school definitely went by too 

fast and I am hoping the rest of my life is wealthy. healthy and safe. 


Ashley Rose Finch 

"Sometimes you have to walk ii\ the Darkness, 
to brir\^ Truth to tte Li^hfc" 

Activities: Basketball, Tech Prep 

Many good times were shared during my High School Years. Unforgettable Memories with BM BC AB BM weve 

been through a lot together, thank you for always being there for me. BC O man weve had FUN times! AB I love 

You. Thanks to my cuz. Jen you are my best friend and even big sister. I love you so much. My very first year at 

EBHS I met the man that would be with me forever, as the Best Friend Ive ever had. and the love of my life. I 
Love You Scott Lydon. I have to thank my Momma Dukes, Dad, Billy, and Tanya for everything. Good 01 Times 


Colin Robert Finerty 


"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to 
success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." 

Oh where to begin. All the best times with SY, BF. CT, JR. MP, RB, DD. PL, SM, KZ, JO. GW. DD, ME. 
Samapalooza '05. Shed with Joe Bud, Boston, Scavenger Hunts, working at EPI. fires with 

gang, phat times at Brasill's, mad movie quotes, fishin and riding with JR. MP. BF. Gaming with SY.DD. Fun 
times at shows with BF, SY, JR. MP. Unforgettable times with Christie Anne Frazier. 9.7.03. Thanks for 
>vays being there for me. Way too many things to list, so III leave you with this. Cherish the times you've had 

with your closest friends and loved ones, life's going to come at you fast, don't let it sweep 
ou off your feet. Do what feels right and follow your dreams. Simply stated: Shoot for Satisfaction. I'm out. 

Stephen Christopher Fonzo 

■J&e not afraid of greatness-, some arc born great, some achieve 
greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em." 
- {Twelfth Tught iShakespearei 

Activities: Work at Stop and Shop, Yearbook committee 

Senior Bio: Great and memorable times with all my friends: KW, JH, CA, 

AC, KS, JS, KR, KH, JC, LC, TP, CJ, KC, AW, MB, MA and MS. 

Awesome times at Six Flags, Florida, Canobie Lake, Barretts, fires, 

Conneticut, Boston, bowling, tennis, and movies. 47 

Andrew Lyle Foster 

Tha bast Faaling In liPa Is accomplishing somathing 
that obhars say you can't." 

Activities- Baseball- 1,2,3,4 Basketball- 1,2,3,4 Football- 1,2,4; Golf- 3 

Grid Iron Club- 1,2,4 

Memories- Rugby during recess, Going to the store with LH, Baseball Allstars, Trave 

Basketball, Bridgejumping crew,Quiznos,Curtins house, CW's house, (Abuabinine 

TM,SM,AY,KC,JB,FM) weekend with DF, Middle School Dances, Summer 05/06 

birchwood friends JH, JB, TM, MC, LH, JD, EB, RC, SB, ES, AL, CW, DP. Daniell. 

Tardie thanks for always being there! Mom,Dad,Matt,Tim thanks for everything! I love 



Paul Alan Garabedian 

"Ticket^ l» r\©k obeuk iUkL pkece, we cte victorious wrven we kectn 
iscm khe experience cnti Improve ©ursekves Set kr\e r\exk chekkence.' 

Senior Bio: Good times with Zimm, Dlau, Vizz, Cmo, Judge, Mikey and Kimm./ Nov. of Sophomore year with Yaka 

and Gambee/ Junior year chillin with Asci and JN at football and field hockey games. Medway FB game/ Country 

Fest 05 and 06, Lot 13 with J-rob and Zimm/ Dlaus pig roast 06, electric fence and swimming with Fickett/ Walking 

from the Y to Charlies with Cmo/ Vegas with Dlau August 06/ Vegas with Stumbles. Judge, and Vizz for Dlaus fight, 

listening to Vizz in the elevator Toby Keith 05 with EW. Karena and Dlau/ New Years 06 with Cass, Dirgs, Zimm, 

and Dlau/Ally, Dirgs, Zimm, Cass, and Dlau/ Trips to Johnny Ds with Mikey/Morrills with CM, CS, KB, SS. CR, 

Cmo, Judge, and Zimm/ / Working summer 06 with ND, Larkin, Cmo, and Zimm/ Thank You to all of my friends and 

family, Dad, Mom, Karena. Melissa, Bill and Austin. 

Nathan Hugh Gilbert 

"Tin not to become a man of succe**, but rather a man cf value." 

- Albert Zu&teui 

Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 1-3; Indoor Track 1; Gridiron Club 1-3; Jr. Prom Court 
Senior Bio- Good times with JM CW RA MA DP RS AL CB JB JH HB AF MD SM RC RT TB JG AJ 
PH TV LL RC and Holly. Chillin with John, Pool with Tim, all 10 years of football sophmore year with 5 
George, Pasta fests, Venus nights, Church Ski Trips, Dances. Ski trip with RC CW, Cleaning the court yard 
CT, Rock Stars with JG, Working at Camp with WH and JM, Homecoming 06 Summer 06, Fishing with C\ 
Thanks to all the teachers but most of all Mr. Harper and Mrs. Ross, and a special thanks to my family Mum. i 

Will. Matt and Andrea 

Corey Richard Gilbertson 

"Trues FOfr ctcias ara craatod cohort man ha\»a tho couraqa to 
u&a tha Intalllganca God <gav>a thorn." 

Activities: Soccer 1.2,3 Captain 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1, Student Senate 4; 

Good times all 4 years. Never forget Class of '07, JB TB KS KR KC KH AF JH LH JB BP KK, 

Little League, States, All Stars. Class of '06, MS BH LF CM SH MB KZ KC, squishy!. EBHS 

SOCCER '06, cards in stets basement, cape, RISK, sledding, Frosh BBalllol, Frosh Baseball, 

taping braz to the pole. Bus rides to the cape. SSL champs, nahh, French. BH's living room. #8 , 

O YA!, MD,RD:"ST+TC" 10/30/06, Mario Cart, Homecoming '06, Jimmy, Fig Newtons. 

Physics., it was wikid, and so much moreThank you Mom, Dad, Erik, and Ryan, love you all. 

Best of luck to everyone in the future. 



Tiffany Marlene Grant 

"Sooner of later we aij. discover that the important moments in ufi; are not the 
advertised ones, not the birthday, the graduations, the weddings, not the great 
3als achieved. the real milestones aim: less prei>03se3sing. they come to the door 

oi= memory." - Susan 13. Anthony 

Im going to college and making something out of ma self! HAH A! Id like to thank my 
10m, dad, sister, nana, and grampy without all of you I would not have made it here today 
love you guys! Jamie I definitely wouldnt have made it without you I love you so much! 
And to everyone else ill miss you guys so much good times! 

Ashley Theresa Gregor 

School is drama. Ive changed and learned alot bout lessons in life.Funtimes Emma-we've had our 

days,in tha end u've been one of the realest people in tha school 2 me n' had my back,thankx im 

gonna miss ya.Thankx 2 my friends that have been real.Thanx 2 my guidance con., teachers n' staff 4 

being patient with me. Best of luck 2 my peers! I wanna thank my mom 4 pushin me everyday 

and believing in me, I love u! 

Alex Bradley Grooms 

"Speed is bow hard you hit the wail Power is how far you take the wall with 

you Trying too hard is when you hit the wall from behind And not trying hard 

enough is when you hit the wall head first** 

tateboarding. auto mechanics, autox/rallyx/snowx/road course racing. Shoot-out 06 in English Town, NJ. BayStateDSM meets. 
FYCracing meets. 2nd and 3rd annual BK Fox Run. Ski Trips 06-07. Weekly Vo Tech Cape Cod car shows. Kaily and Henry, 
love yah! Andy, stressful, but fun times working on our stuff. Also, Jenna. Beth, dan. Billy, Ashleigh my "Holiday Girlfriend" 
land Jake. Jay and Casey. Val. Jen, Jenay. Eric, and Ally. Everyone from the Middleborough crew (Tim, Mello. Tal, Whiddel, 
£ath, Justin) FYCracing and BayStateDSM, good times at the meets, on cruises, and at the tracks. All the guys from DSMtuners. 
j The Boys from Ulterior Motive (Tin. Chaz, Kev. Dan, Estese, Mike. Nick. Derrek.) Shawn from the Bam, Mr. Surette, Mr. 
Harper. The rest of my family and friends I have forgot to mention. Thank you for making the last four years memorable. 

Kelsey Lynn Hacker 

"Sometimes- you cannot Relieve what you- see; you have to- Believe what 
you feel. " Tuesdays with ittoppie 

Activities: NHS 3-4. Key Club 1-4, Executive 1-2, Study Buddies 3, Yearbook 4 

Maine 06 w/ KC and MM, hiking Pleasant Mt., kayaking and the sunglasses, NC 07. Working at Whites, Times 

with KC, MS, BH, and MM. Norah Jones/fires, Movie Nights. Concerts, Junior Prom 05, Driving adventures, Ice 

cream runs, NC road trip. Barretts, Plymouth, Brockton Fair, Fireworks, Dunphy & Madames class. Thanks for 

the memories CQ. MS. BH. CG. KC. MM, ME, SL, MS, JT, CG, LB. JM, AC, TP. Thank you for everything 

Mom, Dad, Kim. Ky. and Gramp, I love you! Keon, Chris, Nina, & Noah love you! I will love and miss you 

always, Gram. 

Abdurahim Amangeldiyevich Hajiyev 

"Discovery, look to who helped me. See things hnm same point 
as othets did, but think differently^ 

This year I'm an exchange student for 1 year from Turkmenistan (middle Asia). I stay witf 

Fen-ell-Locke family. I came here with FLEX, also with AFS. Since I came here I played' 

soccer, also I'm planning to play other sports. Up until now I had such a great time and I 

want to thank my host family for accepting me to be part of their family and to thank 

everyone who helped me. 

Kelly Nicole Harvey 

"Ob&todtes ewe put ch nun wotf ft* at*, if we neafPq iwmt te 
/leoclc tHA* quoits t>n St we juxt "tfc&aqM we cGd." 

Activities: Softball, basketball. National Honor Society, yearbook committee 

Senior Bio:AC,LE,JH.KS,JS.KL,SF,JH. love you guys, we've had so many fun times, I am going to miss all of 

you next year, keep in touch and don't change you're all great. To my family thanks for always supporting me in 

everything. I would not be who I am today if it weren't for all the amazing people around me. 

Thanks for everything. 

Michael Christopher Harvey 

"/ never think of the future, i& ernes soon enough!' 

Albert Einstein 

National Honor Society (3,4), Drama Club (1,2,3,4), Math Team (1-4), Key Club (3,4] 

Jazz Band ( 1 ), Honor Roll ( 1 ,2,3,4) 
First of all.calc class at the Olive Garden, my food still hasnt arrived yet,mr.siddiqui nai , 
me in the face with a roll, math team, starting to rise from the depths, cant believe how wj 
were doing now, all you guys at the stjohns leadership retreat,great times at craigsville,; 
the days at the beach,4 years of drama,adam and nick you guys saved the day, now im| | 
trying to find whos still selling candy bars. T.R., talking about absolutely nothing, goocj 
times back then. Mom and Dad, thanks for helping me get this far, hope I do well later 

Stephanie Michelle Haskell 

"When it hurts to look back and your scared to look ahead you 
can look beside you and your best friend will be there. " 

Activities: color guard 9, key club 9, 10 art club 10 

so many bomb times in the past 4 years. Wont forget any 

of it including the park, drivin around, dunkies, chillin, sleep ovas, 

drivin 2 the cape to c boo boo, the summa w/ cory, Amanda, 

and jess, goin out 2 eat, and just havin a good time. I will miss Jessicurrr I love you and 

thanks for every thing u did 4 me! I love u too gram, you have helped 

c-r\ me sooo much. Thankx 

Nicole Marie Heath 

"tyitfiout mountain*, we would never leaen to- elunS. " 

Activities: riding and working with horses, hanging out with friends, work, spending time with family, and 

snowboard ing. 

Looking back on the four years I have spent at EBHS I realize that what seemed like a long time wasnt long 

enough. Through the years my family has pushed me to try my best at everything. My friends have been there for 

me throughout high school and some before and I would like to thank all of them. I would like to extend special 

thanks to my French teacher Mme. Gillespie for being enthusiastic about teaching and making language fun. I 

would also like to thank Ms. Meade, Mr. Melzack, Mr. Illsley, and Mrs. Crowell for being great teachers who 

have made a positive impact on so many people. Good luck to everyone! 

Jaclyn Anne Hefferon 

iBe must become the change we want to sec in the workf - <!5handt 

-Key Club 03-07, Executive 03-07, Art Club 03-05. NHS 05-07 

- Go to college, be successful and happy 

- LK,SP,AN,MB,KR,AW,KS; great times with all of my amazing friends. Camping with AN & KR and others, 

traveling with LK to Canada, concerts and other times with MB. prom 06, sleepovers with KS. Framingham with 

SP. random times with AW; looking forward to Disney with SP. Kristen and Mom- thanks for always being there, 

you guys are amazing; Dad. Gillian, Cole - thanks for all the love and support. To the class of 2007- good luck to 


Christopher Michael Hicks 

Good times at EBHS. NS I love you- Jess-mad fun times chillen everyday. -Stephanie 
Haskell- love you always fun. Terrance, Thomas, Shawnda- always fun times , Hilary-The 
only person I tell everything to. True Crew thanks guys. Thanks mom and dad. I love you. 

Albert Carl Hoffman Jr. 




Patrick Francis Horrigan 

ff vou <AvVt" We. -fCTr ^o^rierX^r^ you'll cine, \or lOtftWW' 

Activities: Baseball: 2,3,4 Winter Track: 3,4 Football: 4 Art Club: 2,3,4 

Future Plans: Work as EMT then get my paramedic and attend the fire academy to become a firefighter. 

I hada greattime these fouryears that flew. I need to thank the ones I love for all the fun. KW,(Skydiving!!Ilu 

Grover).MW,Halloween lol. My BZ Crew:WH,BigDP,EMeatballM.TM.JD.I love Halonights and paintball 

mornings. Allmy Grad.ppls Ilu.Ryssa_Roo You RAWK thx forthe bestsummerEVER!Nele 



H.MLJP.A11 the u-class 2. 
my teachers thx for the knowledge and to my family mom,dad.mani.andchico I loveyou 


m 1 



Kyle Jeffrey Horton 

'The mo fit wafted of all daus is the one without laughter" 

ee cumtmngs 

I enjoy playing video games as well as miniature golf, bowling, and a variety of other activities. 

After high school, I plan to go to college somewhere local. I'd like to thank all the teachers from 

grade K-12 who have had a positive impact on my life. Especially those in the past four years. I'd als 

like to thank the kids who have definitely made it a fun experience. My family also deserves a lot of! 

credit for their constant support: Mom, Dad, Diane Charette, Chris Charette, and Julie Charette. I've 

thoroughly enjoyed my high school career and look forward to college. 

Its been a lot of fun!! 

Wesley Aaron Hoye 

"Heaven's not a place that you 50 when you dfe, it's that moment h fife when you 
actually feel alive. So five for the momem." 

Fun times with DP,PH,EB,EM,RS,KG,JB,CA,and everyone else in the 
group. Thanks for friends who were there and hopefully will remain friends 

far after high school. 

Jennifer Marie Hurley 

'Reality tA~tfit cage of tiro** v4m tack bnaqiwrtitnt 

Marching Band. Winter Guard, Concert Band, Jazz Band, National Honor Society 
It's been said that high school is the best time of your life and my friends have proven that true for me. My frie 
have meant more to me than these simple words can express. To JS, JD, ZT, KS, AC, SF, LE, KH, MH, AN, Jjj 
and WB, thank you. Jenna, since the fifth grade, you've been a constant source of laughter, support, and 
confidence. Thanks to my family, the selfless supporter of all my ambitions. I want to thank Bill Solari for ; 
learning experience in both music and life that is beyond comparison or definition. To all the band kids, one pa H 

the back, well, you get it. 

Joseph Aurthur Hurley Jr. 

Activities: Football 1,2.4 Basketball 1 Weight room 

JB, TB, MA, PL, SM, BO. CT, JD, DT, NG, EM, CB. EC. MP, KB, AB. MS, PC, MW, KW Prom '06 Long talks 

with Tardie. Bond Crew unbeaten, Story time and Cumbys with MP, Homecoming '06 <3, Madden Bowls at MA. 

Do you like eggnog? AB haha. KB little sis. Subway Eat Fresh. JB+TB too many times, Fun times at MP. 

McDonalds with Bond Crew, Movie Nights and the Boat, duuuddaa. Pasta Fests good times, JB+TB summer in 

Hummarock ur lucky I just got back from show, summer school rules, chillin' in SM truck with DT, PL. ST, CF. 

SB. Thanks to Mom. Dad. Jeremy, and Justin. 

Ashley Eileen Immar 

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to 
success. ]£ you love what* you are doing, you will be successful" 

Activities: Tennis 1- 4: Winter Track 2; Executive 1- 4; Key Club 4; NHS 3. 4 (Treasurer); Student Senate 4; 

Yearbook 4 

There are 2 many memories! Kit- u mean everything 2 me, ur an awesome sister & best friend. I Love You! Liz- 

HAMPTON, hfs, yanni, walks, u know the restluv u, Collegehere we come! Kara- tennis, walks in the rain, bbb, 

my bday party! luv u! Nikki <3! SJLR-luv u; Michelle-ur like my sister, luv u! CYO, ski trips, fires, 

snowboarding, prom, my friends! BOC <3. My BCF and peacefuls girls <3! Scott- thanx for all the amazing 

memories ily. Mom, Dad, Kit, Bridget, & John- thanx 4 helping me through everythingyouve made me who I am 

today; I thank you for that! I love you! Goodbye EBHS! 

Zuzana Jakubikova 

Julia Ann Kahaiyan 

1 am as free as a bird now." ~ tynard Skynard 

Activities P.C.C., Dance for 5 years, New England Young Writers' Conference 05\ Modeling, Snowmobiling, 

Skiing. Kayaking. Junior Miss 2006. 
ass of 2007 is amazing. Mrs. K's freshman English/ make-up was sick MP. AR. EC. Junior Miss girls, awesome 

time. Jordan, Josh, and Lloyd summa of 2006, The Greatest! Canada, Carver, sleepovers, fires; 
ayaking. Theatre Class AR. AT. KD. ZJ. Alycia. Theresa. Wendy's high speed chase. Jen I love trick or treatin 

with you, work, mall, beach. I'll miss you. Boston Jen, Em, Laur. Don't cha wish your girlfriend 
was hott like me? Kasey memba the cereal and bowls? Roche Bros, parking lot. Pickles. Burns, Greg, Mason 
odtimes ridin. Jr. Buddy Fashion Show. Thank You Mr. Surette for making your classes the greatest. Mom and 

Dad thanks for everything. Goodbye EBHS! 

Kelly Nicole Kendrick 

So many good times with KG,DW,MP,CT,D.J,JS ,AC,TY,CA,SM,DM,JJ,LL,KD. Dance 

parties in the SUV, Biffle-SP, the Better Bean & Walmart, Prom06, Watertruck. Driving 

around In Maverick w/LN. My soccer girls I love you good luck next year.Summer06 never 

forget, The Cape, Cat burgler, Papas w/Lu, Paul Dever, FLA07 w/mal&rhi, WHO ARE 

YOU?!. I love you girls, Friendlys, Kirsts house, movie night, SP OB, PC DC, Legan- uh 

yeah about that. Mom, Dad, Kristen, David, and Gram thank you for always supporting me 

I love you. Run Forest Run 

Kathleen Gabrielle Kenney 

Try and" t*ake the hi^h roaud, remember we were friends" 

Field Hockey 9-12, Winter Track 10-12 (Captain 12). Spring Track 10-12 (Captain 12). Executive Committee 10- 

12, NHS 11-12 (President 12) 
Kat. 8th Grade+lucky stripes, Fab5, PCC Real Women 4sq, Jan vaca, (cement island) Disney04&07. The Volve, 

Track: Sub-A w. Ldist, Freshmore yr. Letters from KR. WC w. RC & JS, UCCs. Summer & Poolhopping, 

FWDCO, JDs, baseball, Prom06, ILL senior yr. FH SSL CHAMPS w. SolidSeven, cautiontape, bread&toppings, 

eating pics w. LE, AC&BC w.KC ThatOlderChick (biffle, always) TBF&Raw, 

BP-Bbs Rosa+Juanita, Ugli fruit+fruittoss, TheMoms, MeanGirls. craziness-AP,RC,LE,RD,BP, Miss you 

MB,KC,CM-gts w. crew+CG. Original&final crew: BP MD KC KR RD LE AM DC. 

Love you Mom, Dad, & Will. 

Paul Francis Larkin III 

"fk>t a fibred of evidence exists in favor of 
the idea that life is serious.'' 

Activities: football 1, 2, 3, capt. 4 

Memories- Hanging out with Steve, my only brother. Going to war for 10 

years with BO AY CB CT JB JH MA NA GM AH. Going to Varsity games. Summer '06 

with SS. The whole bag. Junior prom at Steve's, the structure, ski 

trip. Euro trunks. Brasill's house. Duxbury beach by 10 A.M. Hodown at my house. Summer school rules. TIA 

shows.5/20/06. The crew: JD RB DD SY KC GW CF JR JO . The Roof with Jesse and Eric.Bob! Shawny.Rake 

this with RZ and PG. BB SR SM EB LN. Thanks to Steve. Shelly, 

Kevin, mom, dad, and my 4 beautiful sisters. Later. 

Eric T. Lawrence 

"«- ta a -t-ebs told by en idUrt. 
•full of cound end fury, signifying northing.' 

Activities: Baseball 1&2 and thats about it 

Senior Bio: Summer 05 and 06 fun times chilling on the roof with Jesse 

Quincy Dups Rob Rick Paul and Steve. Walking to visit AB everynight. Jamming 

all day and night with my homies. Friday Nights and Saturday mornings. Elims 

and his Negative Vibes. Dave and the Destroyers, fun times guys. Oasis, 

Roger Waters. Chili Peppers concerts. Laura fun times babe. I love you! 

thanks for everything. Thank you Mom. Dad and Marc and rest of my family for 

your support I love you guys. It was fun. 


Michael Joseph Lennon 

Eric Matthew Maderios 

"Yeak maybe!" 

EB was fun, not so much the school part, but the town. All my buddies 

chillin, having fun. Hanging out at Burnz house. Playing football for 

almost four years. Seniority, the greatest part of school. Halo 2 and Gears 

of War every month at Tonys or Toms. JV team. Full mutton chops, the 

only way to go. 55 I will never forget. 

Sarah Elizabeth Mallett 

life is a. balance of holding; on and letting go" 
Ketth Urban 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3 Captain 4; Indoor Track 1,2,3 Captain 4;Softball 1,2,3 Captain 4. 

Executive 1-4. NHS 3-4 VP 4. 

Memories: Thanks to my friends <3 JS LO SR KC BP LE KR KK EB AP LN RC RD KK MD JD RB CC .Soccer 

girls: ily good times always JD SA BR LN JB SH gl next year.SSF ly ladies. Junior prom w/ AP/, w/ everyone. 

Homecomings and Homecoming court 06. Stupid sayings JS + LO that junior etc. Theatre w/ everyone. Senior 

skit and meetings. FLA 07 KK RC!! Thanks Anthony for always being there, I love you. Thanks Mom, Dad. 

Andi, Rob, Sean, and Hannah for all of your support, I never would have made it without you. Good Luck 07 

Steven Daniel Marshall 

Football 4, Baseball 4, Weight lifting 3, 4 

Plark your like a brother to me you no that. PL.ab,bo,gw,ct,sy,ji,jh,jb,,,kc,rb,bo,,el,jd and all my other close friends good times. The whole EB crew reppin the 

bridge always. Prom 06, hangin after football, the weekends good times. 5/20/06 Football crew, my bday party. 

Newmie for life. Brasills house. Sundays at Plarks. Venus. Good times in New Hampshire with ppl you no who 

you are. Thanks to the Larkins youre family to me. Thanks to my family for everything 

especially dad for pushing me. 

Class o1 2007 

Eric Clifford Mason 


Steven Edward May 

Ip&te me for Trfx> f am, not vfoat | m" 

Art Club 9-12 

High school was wicked fun from the typical drama 2 hanging out on my front law at 1 am 

with EB&EF. CE MarionH Im so glad we met in Melzys class your one of the funniest people 

ive ever met. GP&SP aka Pendletwins, best friends for life! EB EF DW NK CC KW had fun 

trick or treating, and wendys. Never forget BB MO KR CD EB EF KW KW SP GP DW KC. 

Mom & dad luv u! Nikki u r the best sister anyl could ask for luv u soo much! Shadow, my 

best friend u are the best thing that ever happened 2 me luv u! 

Shane Patrick McCarthy 

John Samuel Matuawana 

Theresa Danielle McManus 

your draernc hurt ah/wys know -tfea road 
■thsrt w«M Ittsd yc*j homa sgafn." Thrn Mt6raw 

Field Hockey 2, Indoor Track 3 & 4, Outdoor Track 3 & 4 

Thank you Dad, Mom, Erin, Laura, Jose, Colby, Papa and Nena, wouldnt be 

where I am without you. EF KP LS CA AR JK AC DP EM BB CE SM MB 

Good Memories with you all. Ill miss all of you. Friday night fires, car dance 

parties, Maine & Cape 05 & 06, California, Wal-Mart, Wendys, 

Venus. 10/27/06. Track Creepahs, Barbie Materials, Shotput Crew. 


Anthony Grover Milauskus 

Go and tell the Spartans, stranger paging by, that here obedient to their laws we fie," 

Monument at Thermopoiy, Greece. 

iood times, that's all I can say, nothing special. I'll remember the Elite 4 of 

the History Alliance. 


Briana Grace Millett 

"My wi$h for you 15 that this life becomes all that you want it to, your dreams Stay 
big, your worries S^y small, and you never need to carry more than you can hold." 

Sarah Lucy Murphy 

Activities: Executive 1-4, Secretary 1, 2, VP 3, 4 Student Senate 1, 2, 
4 Key Club 1 NHS 3, 4,Football and Basketball Cheerleading 1-4, Captain of both 
imes spent with SR, JD, CC, DD, RB, JL, PL, GW, CM, ly & everyone else Cheerleading 2 State Championships & All NE 

Champs, Nationals, glow sticks singing in line for the Rockin Rollercoaster, 
CC, 6 proms , Junior Prom w/ TJ, PL's hoedown, six flags, Matt, Red Sox w/ CC, study with AP & KW, Junior Miss, AP US 

H, Brasills, Friendlys, 4 of July w/ SR & CC, and bon fire w/ SR JD CC, the beach, NH w/ CC & DD, Baldier & 
:rights, dancing & singing in the car w/ CC SR JD, BPL<3, Rox w/ CC, red lipstick, DEJ, playground, car washes, Dunphys 

class & room 101, April vacas in SC & summers in Yogi Bear, getting stuck in the cranberry bog, PCC 03&04, 
ing w/ EB. Homecoming 06 egg fights. Dean thanks for everthing junior year, you made my highschool, January vaca. New 
fears Eve 2007 w/ SR JD CM CC Shane ChelsCarl Zach Mom Dad Gram Pup & Ferraras thank you! Chels Im so glad we 
i ered togther for 2 yrs youre my best friend! Mom and Gram I love u both so much, and I'd be no where with out you guys<3 

Good Luck in everything you do 2007, I'll never forget you<3 

r 'T7 



Ha <**^Bi 




J I ' 



«' ( 


* ■"" 

Lycia Nicole Nadolny 


&UT if .6 A E>CAUTlrTJL RJPE." 

Activities - Class President 1,2,3.4 Student Executive 1.2,3,4 Student Senate 1,2,3,4 Student Advisory to the Principle 4 Soccer 
1,2,4 Winter Track 3,4 Spring Track 1,2,3,4 Float Committee 1,2,3 Skit Committee 3,4 Homecoming Committee 3,4 Semi-Formal 

Committee 2,4 Prom Committee 2.3.4 Health Club/Future Nurses 4 Torch Yearbook 3,4 Homecoming Court 
Times w/ EB DT MF MB KC BD JM JS SM LO KK JR CS MO SA JD SR RB SM CF Plymouth NH w/ the Crew. Back in the 
day w/ CS JR BP BC KD JI DV JB AY E W SupaSix KCs Times w/ CF AF JS Adventures in Maverick w/ KK BM-RoLLiEz the 

ER 31 1 The Cape Prom 05 w/ MF Prom 06 w/ AY Last night of summer w/ EB SM PL KC Swishes JD EB. Youth cheering. 

going to the fields, manhunt, football games Brasils Times with RC. SC w/ EB Special thanx to EB AY CF MF 4 helping me thru 

a tough year GL to LN SA MO JM SH. next year Linda you're my angel Mom Dad Lynsie Lauryn Laikyn Gram I couldnt have got 

this far w/o you & all your inspiration thank you & love you all! Papa love & miss you 


Alexandra Marie Nordberg 

1 hope you never fear Hiose mountains in the distance, never settle for the paih 
least resistance; living might mean taking chances, but they're worth taking. " I 

Leanne Warwick 

Activities: key club 12 3 4, executive 234, NHS 3 4, student senate 3, concert band 1234, jazz band 
2, marching band/ color guard 3 4. SEMSBA 1 2 3, French club 3 4, reach out 1, Study Buddies 3 4 
(program coordinator 4), PCC 2 years, winter guard 4, dance k-12, piano 2-11, yearbook 4 
Time just goes by too fast, but along the way so many lasting memories. CL DT KR JH JD JS JH2 PB 
ZT AV SS MP. Amazing summers: PCC and camping trips, summer 06, easily one of the best. Florida 
06 two beds and a breakfast table. Color guard girls: so much fun with all of you, 111 miss it. DT- thank 
you for getting me through everything and making me laugh; you truly are a sister to me. JH KR- never a 
dull moment with you two. Bob- good luck with everything. Ill miss my baby brother. Mom + Dad- 
thank you for everything. Chris- 1 love you, you mean so much to me: nothing will ever change that. 

Class of 2007, it was fun 

Matthew Edward Nordeen 

Some of my high school experiences have been great. Some days have been 

really fun, some boring, and some I wish never happened, but I wouldn't 

change a thing. My friends and I have had fun and we've had some great 

experiences. I've been with these people all the way through and I'm 

definitely going to miss them when we all graduate. 

Timothy Hobin Norment 

"Pain is temporary, Jt may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it \ 
subside and something else will take its place. If 1 quit, however, it lasts forever:' 

Lance Armstrong 

Activities: soccer, indoor track, outdoor track, executive, senate, NHS 
Its biodegradable, and you left the door open. EP impressions, sprint to me jog back, butts up, back of the bu> I 
bus, Tsquared. Im a cold, thats my dad, summer 06 KM me and Scotty G, vanity plate, wheres my phone, storis j 
phone gag MP, toupees. Brown Eyed bb no fun, STAND TALL, the big regret, tendonitis/Achilles, last days < 
school. Top Gun, legendary hats, raisen fight, whats that on the road, javelin dodge, worst senator ever, 26 hou 
pool beachball, trucker moon, first on superman (tackled), Jacques, grime, green book 

Kevin Arthur O'Brien 

"fl lot of people run a race to see who ia faateat 
run to aee who haa the moat guta." <§teve Prefontaine 

Activities: Executive 1. 2, 3. 4; Student Senate 1. 2. 3. President 4; Class Treasurer 3, 4; Student Advisory Council 4; Cross 

Country 1, 2. 3, Captain 4; Indoor Track 1, 2. 3. Captain 4; Outdoor Track 1. 2, 3, Captain 4; Homecoming Court. 

The past four years have been unreal. Yanks vs. Sox games Pedro and Zim. Pats AFC Champ vs. Colts. Summer vacas w/the fam. 

Boston. Cape house 03-06, NH, Aunt Patti's house in FL. Prom w/ RD. Thurs night Venus, Ultimate Frisbee w/ XC, golfing with 

MB, TB, Nl, MB, and the best brother in the world GO, fishing, sick dodge ball team. Track: 800m, 600m, 4x4, disc. EBXC SSL 

Champs 06/top 5 all-stars: MB. MS. MC, CH. P Fests, Footlockers in NY all four years: look at that sweet dome, Nerf gun fights, 

whose line, dew, bein ill w/ TP. Haulin Rollins Warm downs. Thanks for a great season boys, keep tearing it up. Thanks to Mr. 

McCabe. Mom, Dad. Geoff, and Tilly I love you, thanks for everything. 



Meaghan Kelly O'Brien 

"Wherever yon go, go with all your heart* 

Activites: Babysitting, art club, working after school 
3 all my friends: I love you all. So many great times and memories. I'll miss you all. K.R, 
B, S.M, G.P, S.P, M.T, S.M, S.FA.B, N.C, C.DJ.C To all my teachers: thank you for all 
jlur help and support and for teaching us all for these past four years To my family: Thank 
you for all the support throughout the years. To the class of '07: I hope everyone finds 
happiness in what you pursue. Enjoy life and live it to the fullest. 

Michael Patrick O'Brien 

'Don't take fife for framed." 

Ive had a great 4 years at EBHS, 4 years in my life that I will never forget, memories in this 

school that I will always remember, and the friends that were always there for me when I 

need it at the most. All my friends: RA JM AM JZ JO MW JS EB DP, and many others, 

you guys will never be forgotten and we had so much good times together, never forget you 

guys. Last, RIP Mom, I wish you were here to see me graduate, 

I know youd be proud of me <3 

Lauren Beth OTlaherty 

"Sometimes you \h\nk \h\v\qs will never change.., 
but \ook\v\q back yo\A reaWze they'll never be tne same," 

Activities: Exec. 1-4; BBALL 1-4 Capt 4; Soccer 1-4; NHS 3+4 
I[)NT! Soccer-iluGirls. Bball-iluCoach. 10/7 thx PL. Senior Skit. Barretts Cutlass<3 SR 
hx for everything BFF Fball 04+06.Shopping.MASH.13to30.Xmas.Greengate.DAN 

WHO!? byson.Anjoe.RememberWhen.CHEMISTRAYY. JS BFF BAM! 
itingMovies.DomeCrew.JOAO! Thx DadMomCali+Eden ilu Miss you Nana<3 gl 08: 


Benjamin Thomas O'Kelly 

"ft"' a fttw««nq what c«w be aertomftfinhed 
wfu'M H&kmdtf can* a abtH*t whn qetn tfir rnpdit 

Activities: Football- 1,2,3, Capt. 4. Basketball- 1.2, Indoor Track-3,Capt. 4. Baseball- 1,2,3,4 
Chillin with the boys, Plark and Steve,. To all my football guys-Unreal 4yrs, couldn't have asked for better friends. 

Pasta fests. Chillen w/SM,PL,JI,GW, and CB, What up Venus night? Abington? Come on now. Steves 18th, 

Cruises. Homecoming was unreal! Camping w/BF and SM. Kayaking, jumpingoff bridges and rope swings. Bball 

w/TB and JB. First TIA show w/PL.JH,GW. Steph, some of my best times in EBHS with you, thanks for 

everything ily. Thanks Mom and Dad, Hillary, and Nana for all your 

support. I wouldn't have made it through without you ily. 


Justin Joseph Damon O f Kelly 

"Ll\>a IIFa tha Pullost cuz you don't ha\>a all I 
tima in tha coorld." 

These last four school years, there have been a lot of good memories. Walking in my brothers footsteps and being the last t<| 
graduate. Hanging out with all my friends R.A, M.O. J.M, J.S. J.E, A.V. J.M Thank u guys for everything, you guys will alw 
remain in my heart. Rob. thanx for being a good friend, we've had a lot of fun times playin pool and just hanging out. thanx I 
always being there man. Ashleigh, Ive learned a lot from you and we had a lot of great memories together. I just want to say tl I 
you for everything and Jake you a great kid. take care of her. Also I want to thank my family for supporting me and especially 
mom for being the greatest mother on earth. I love you all. Last but not least, I want to lhank my gf . Ashley for pushing me t< 
good in school and always being there for when I needed her. I love you so much, will you marry me! I want u all to know tha 1 
glad I have all of you in my life and thanx once again for everything. In loving memory of Jay O'Kelly # 43 

Emily Christine Pace 

"mcmoRy is a u/au o€ novotng orrco tnc xranas you love 
xrte. xrun&s you arc mc xrunae you neveR wastc to lose." 

These last 4 years have been a complete blur and its about time we get out 

of here. Friends thanks for everything, weve had a lot of good times. I love 

you all. Em weve been thru so much nonsense. Here's to graduation!.. way 

too many good times; runnin thru Foxboro co.; way to much morebestest 

always <3 anyways heres to the future, later. 

Michelle Lynn Pagliuca 

"Tip future depends on what we do in the present 

Good times with: DT MW SS AV EC AB KB JH AN SH JV. Tard; friends 

since 2nd grade. DT & SS, New years movie night, story time, & DD 

visits w/ JH, Junior Prom 06, summer 05 & 06, nights w/ MW, 

going on drives jamming w/ AV. EC; always there for me. KB; 

AB. Mon dad, Adam, Joey, love you guys! 

Heather Ashley Palmer 

Trfandb, Farriy, ¥mww" 

Activities: Hanging out with my friends and family and going to shows. 

I would like to thank all my family and friends for helping me out 

through all 12 years of school. Mom and Dads for always being there for me 

Auntie KK, Uncle Mike, Larry, Nana, Zachary, JakeyBoy, Christopher 

Best times with Cv, La, Zv, Mc, Ra, Ea, Ac, Pc, Mc, Jm, Ep, Eh, Ed, Am, 

Ar, Jd, Ep, Kp, Rl, SI, Tn, As, Kr, Ap, Sp, Jc, El, Rb, Es, Rb, Af 


Alistair William Pearson 

live free + happy and may ail your 
dreams come true 

Matthew Louis Penardi 

"Our scars are trophies Ural* we show off to ttie world" 

Activities: freshman soccer, work 

These past four years have gone by in a blur. Some of us know what we want, others are not so sure. 1 want to thank Mr. Dunphy 

for helping me in every way he could to get through his English class and for the advice that 111 always use. and Mr. Harper for 

teaching me the foundational skills 111 need to succeed in the mechanics field. Never count me down and out when I got my friends 

around, thanks to all my friends for being there for me. Joe Bud youve been my best friend since kindergarten and I hope we never 

grow apart, youre like a brother to me. Some moments to remember were surfing for the first time, snow boarding for the first 

time, long boarding with my bros. skateboarding, those Hanson skate park nights. Boston trips, the shed, camping. Hand Over 

Hand, As Your Ghost, As Your Vermont trips, driving around aimlessly, fires, and just hanging with all my friends and making 

new ones. Last but not least. Id like to thank my family. Mom and Dad you always stood by me and supported everything I did. 

thank you and I love you. I love you Grandma. 

Gina Marie Pendleton 


Activities: Art Club 1,2,3 Future Nurses Club 1,2,3 

12 years of school was slow at first, but flew when I was in high school. 

Im going to miss East Bridgewater High School. I want to say thank you to 

my teachers, classmates, and friends. Thank you Steven and little sister. 

Best Friends Forever!! All the stupid things we did together, especially 

going to the beach or chilling over your house. Anyway Im going to miss you 

guys the most. I LOVE YOU BOTH!! I love you mom and dad. thank you for 

everything. GOOD LUCK CLASS 2007!!!! 

Stephanie Ann Pendleton 

'"Dott't bs coDteDt with beto& weva&e. 
#tf«r9ge Is at close to the bottom 9% ft Is to the top." 

Activities: Art Club 

I am a little Italian girl who grew up on a farm with lots of 

chickens. I have very good friends that I grew up with when I was a 

kid. I am going to miss you all. I will be in the neighborhood but, 

few years down the road I will be gone. I have a twin sister named 

Gina Pendleton and a little sister name Sarina Pendleton. I have a 

mother and father which I really thank for helping me throughout the 

school years. They are Krystin and Mike Pendleton. Thank you Mrs. ^ . 

Phillips for everything. I could not have done it without you. 

Brittni Nikole Perry 

"Mera, four \e venui." 

FH 1,2,3 capt.4 

ily FHgirls had an amazing 4 yrs thanx for everything Solid 7<3Im gonna miss u all next yearFreshmen year 
JR LN CS KC Sam ily couldnt have done last year w/o the gt.Grace Hills Pete&Rach loved this year.FTwe s; 
lot hey HC06?.Kat and Rach thanks for the laughs Linds.Pete.Rach thanks for sharing them with me.Theatrew 
KK MD RD LE DC SM BP FTin and out of class. Megh thanks for keeping me awake the past 4 years with m 
laughs. Iloveyou Emma! maid in manhattan2 Em<3 Q&U! Kimberly<3 Dan I love you thanks for the last 3 y 
couldnt have done it w/o you Nik good luck with the rest of high school you too Bethy<3 love you 


Daniel Lars Persson 

TM. WH. CC. CB. DF. and everyone on the football team. 

Lots of fun at EBHS. Yelling in the halls. 

'07 Oh yeah! 

Amanda Rita Marie Peters 

"Hll these times tbcy come and 90, a long time don't seem so long" 

3ach prison 

Softball 1,2 Captain 3,4. Field Hockey 2,3,4. Executive 3,4. Skit Crew 3,4 

So many good times in the past four years I dont know where to begin. My best friends/sister RC I love you, 

after soph, year-april vaca. Solid SevenRC RD BP KK LE JR. FH league champs back2back.Busrides venus wl 

girls. Homecoming @BP. Bleachers.Fires.Sebago=Leprechauns.Jr.Prom w/ MM, @ AP w/ MM AP SM LE I j 

KC KK RD BO TN AH KZ awesome times w/ RC KK BP LE RD AA BM AI BO SM PL MD DC AK R. Ci [ 

drives/MD DC AM to Stoughton. AI"dance,dance"sry 4everything.NP,my sister.Grandpa and Nana. lovey< | 

Mom, Dad and Scott love you so much. Thank you for everything. 

David Michael Phaneuf 

"I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, 
I keep my eyes wide open all the time." 
Johnny Cash 



Bethany Cynthia Phillips 

"Try not talking, NOWT 

|;cer 1-2; Softball 1-2; Key Club 1-4, Secretary 4; Executive 1-4; NHS 3-4, Secretary; Winter Track 2,4; Spring 

track 3. 

GTs w/ KK.KR,KC,MD.AM,LE,RD,RC,MC,RS. Florida w/ RD-meeting Bush himself, HA trips The body 
(alls.Thursday Night Venus crew, bbs bw/juanita. RAW 06-cast KKMDDC&crew AM thanks. Mean Girls, 
leepovers, UCC-Workcamp 06 & Craigville, PCC 0304- 4-sqare Real Women play 4-square, acting camps 
KK. Junior Prom, Asacks w/ CM, KK. & KC. CM my twin, fruit tosses. Florida '07! New Hampshire w/ the 
five, Do it you wont. Thanks Mom, Dad. Meg, and Ted. Love You! 

Samantha Donahue Piesco 

"i. k ktue to i a ui»t U end v< w v Ul neves W U" 
\he KBecskle 1 » v * 

Activities: Key Club 2,3.4; Drama CLub 2,4; Amnesty International 2; SADD 2; 


Gt's w/ MB, CA, KS, JH, PC, JR. KK. Pam we missed you 

senior year! Cindy will tell us. Better Beans, sleepovers and NH w/ MB. SO TY 

w/ MB and JH. Chemistry w/ MB and KS, Cards, AP US H, Framingham w/ JH, Can't 

wait for Disney! Marylou's, Oasis, accounting w/ JD and KS 


Anthony David Poliatti 

This i* your t fine. Mow go out there and take tt f 
Herb Broofcs, head coach of the 1 980 US Olympic Hockey Team 

Activities: Football 1, 2; Hockey 1-4 Capt. 3-4; Executive 1-4; NHS 
Gat times at EBHS. Great times with friends DD, RB, JD, CC. Fun times at the Y with 

3, JD, CC. Breakfast at Johnny D's. Pigging out on the early bird specials. Prom '05 
wiSM. Senior Skit was the greatest ever thanks to PL and RB. Homecoming '06. EAB 

eatest times. Riding with DD to Hingham and taking that right angle turn on the way 
lcie and getting pulled over. Sarah, you helped me through EBHS. I love you, you're the 
>e . Can't wait to finish this year, but I'll never let the memories go. Thanks to my family 
for pushing me, it was worth it. "You don't know what you have until it's gone." 

Courtney Jeannette Powers 

"Most of ou life tt a series of image* They pan us by 

like towns on the highway. Bat sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens. 

And we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that 

this moment, every part of it, will live on forever ** 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3.4. Basketball 1,2, and Softball 1,2 

Good times the past four years in and after school with all my 

friends. Great times at soccer on and off the field. 111 miss you. 

Mom, Dad, Cait, friends, teachers and coaches, thanks for everything. 


Kayla Laura Ramsay 

"Today te the first day of the rest of our lutes" 

Jazz band 1 2, Sonic Wave Winter Percussion 2, Senior SEMSBA 2, Senior District 2, All State 2, Marching t d 
12 3 4, East Coast Jazz Drum and Bugle Corps 2, Boston University Winter Percussion 3 4, National Honcj| 

Society 3 4 Key club 4, Executive 4 

Starting new with AN JH JS JD CL ZT JH PGB JS SY KS junior year after my group of friends graduated. JB 

HP always my best friends! I miss GF AS SF RE. Platinum medals 01 and 04! Florida '06- It was phenomen 

Summer '06 was ridiculously amazing. Love the Boys from EB. AN- 1 could not have done it w/ out you by i 

side at work, school, practice, etc. Best of times with AN and JH! Tennis, date nights, TCB Y w/ JS. I love (r 

drummers! Wusses got a 19.3! Thanks Ms. D. even though you're a jerk. Thank you so much to everyone who 

been positive influence on my life. 

Katherine Irene Ray 

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, 
the world will know peace ' -Jim! Hendrix 

Activities: Tech Prep, Study Buddies, Reach Out 

Good times with B.B, M.O, S.F, S.M, fun english classes. Survivor in Pre-Cal with 

Charette. Tech- prep field trips. Random visits to McDonalds w/S.F. Camping at 

Normandy Farms w/B.B. Pool party in March w/M.O. Famous mall trips w/C.R. Fun w/ 

R.B, B.R, B.B, S.W, K.M, E.H, K.E, C.R. Awesome trips to Six flags summer of '06 

w/E.H, R.B, S.W, J.H, A.W. Thanks to everyone who has always been there for me, mom, 

dad, Brendan, Colleen, Kerry, and Rob I love you all 

Joseph Anthony Reale Jr 

Well for starters I would like to thank all my friends and family 

for making high school the best years of my life; Mom Dad Maryann 

Salvatore Jacqui and Jim; Mr. Harper CF SY MP DD KC CT BF JD CC RB PL AP 

JO MD KZ DD JB AA ME AC BB SS KG SM JL SR LL. Good times going to Boston 

with BF CF and MP, hanging out with Colin was always a 

good time, fires with CF CF KZ DD BF and MP was fun. Junior Prom was 

amazing. The (Danger Ranger) and hanging out with 

Sam in his trunks in Rhode Island with the Bodio family was the 

funniest time of the summer. I guess all I can say is that it has been 

fun and I look forward to the future 

Amy Elizabeth Reichert 

Security is mostly a superstition. It Joes not exist in nature, nor do the children of 
men as a whole experience it. /{voiding danger is no safer in the long run than 
outright exposure. Life Is either a daring adventure, or nothing." - fiden Keller 

Nursing Club 3, Tech Prep 2,3 

Good times with Gl,Bb,Ji,Af,Bm,Ag,Bc,Db,krin,Jp,Hp,and Cv. Most of my highschool 

memories have been with af, good times hun, never forget you. To George, my one and 

only. Youre the reason why I get up in the morning and accomplish what I do, I love you. 

And Spree! I love you girl been through it all my maid of honor. 


Jessica Lyn Roberts 

'We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give" 

miles: held Hockey I. 2, 3, Capt 4. Softball 1,2,3, Capt 4. Basketball 1,2. Executive 3,4. Student Senate 3,4. All the awesome 
lies with SWJDKKCSKCDVMLMBDBJFDLDJMRJMDHLH. nights w/ SW. Chowduhp ily bffl Moshpit & crowdsurfing @ 
1 1 . Bridgejumping. Saquish w/ SW. 4 stooges w/ KbAmKk sweet ride. FH and SB w/ 4 corners ilu. HanoverTourneyGame 05 
FT )6 SSL Champs.Solid7.Busrides w/ theball. Back in the Day w/ Supa Six+DVJBEW. KO BFF.Shabo.Aunty Mos. KBs Runnin 
An Kc's w/ Jb+Lh Homecoming 05 w/ KkJdKzKw. Times @ MKs w/ Sw+Jd. sambrokebathroom. DV and BH @ Dv's. All the 
ms w/CS ilu SSM1J. Emergency Rm w/ CsEbKcLn. Prom 05 w/ Dave iloveyouulways thnx 4 everything. Prom 06 Mb(Hub) + 
It) @ Aunty Mos. Chillen w/ SpJfCs 24/7. New Years 04/05. St. Pattys '06 n gettin green. Camera Flash w/ Sw. CountryFest. 
:in open GOs hand. Summer nights @ Begs+Grams. Red Sox w/ DB. Shopkin+theboys<3. Kings ("Cms. SMR ilu dont think 1 
Ida gotten thru it w/o you. Trask Family thnx 4 everything I love you guys like my fam. Dad Mom Aug thnx lor always being 

there and believing in me. I love you. RIP JCR 

Alycia Jean Robinson 

"You've qot your passion, you've qot your pride, but dontcha know that only 

fools are satisfied? Dream on but don't imaqine they'll all come true, when will 

you realize Vienna waits for you?" - Billy Joel 

Drama Club 1-4. president 4. Key Club 1-4, VP 4. Art Club 2&3. Student Rep on Reach Out Advisory 

Counsel 3&4. PCDC 14 years. 

10-27-06 Rtl 8.We won Boys! Lunch w/ AbLtJk.Shake that Laffy Taffy Kb!Erica<3Tay my abs.bff 

Mazdah! Atrocious kids&rich hubbys.Laguna.KOB my best. My jrs-JpPb.Np&cuteboys from PA. My fave VP 

Kwal.Sm&Lm.KeyClubgrls. Kdoop.giggles&bruises.our specialty. Kimba &redhead tagteam gushin on 

boys. Shay! Journalism w/Cdawg, Kcolla. Sm&Chavs.Damn Yankees&my wife JV.ByeByeBirdie&Charlie Brown 

that blockhead Minor League@fenwayLaikyn Jpap=love. Chorus Concerts&Friendlys/99 runs.Capeway Jr. Miss. 

Being Mom ThanksCoach, Kait, Kris&Adam.Mom&Sue I love you.Xoxo to all I forgot, sry 

Kelly Rae Rogers 

'Vif« fc flte a can of peasJ f 


Soccer l,2,3.4.Spring Track 1,2,3,4. History Alliance 2. French Club 3.4. Executive 1,2,3,4 
Student Senate 1, National Honors Society 3,4 
Five Forever! KC RD BP KK LE MD RC MC RS ILY girls! Charlie Horse, pool hopping, fruit tosses, dance 
pa ss, sleepovers, mall trips, def tote wik awes dece! Amazing times w/ soccer girls "and that's REAL" goodluck 
text year. Prom '06 w/ CG + friends KC- Isamazing. barbies. BOYs!, mario party, getting lost, mall trips. 
rally amazing. ILY Corey Richard! our amazing group, and cookie! KK- Elves! Florida '07! Christopher Gary 
bham 1/12/06 I love you, idk what I'd do w/out you. Thanks Mom &Dad for always being there and helping 

me through all these years. Fred you're dece. 



Stephanie Marie Rollins 

"I hope, you never look back, but you never forget 
all the oy)(ls> who love you and the place you left" 

Activities: Student Senate 1,3,4 Vice President 4; Executive Committee 1.2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; 

Key Club 4; Student Advisor to School Committee 3.4; French Club 3 Vice President 3 

Summer 06 unreal Six Flags BPL Beach July 1 Bonfire w/ SM JD CC Fires Ryan's House FWD Barretts Football 

Games 04 Dean's house Ski Trip 06 PEI w/ RD & MD Canada Maine & NH w/ EB Chemistrayyy Ho-Down! 

FRIENDS*RD Dan Who?! MASH Shopping w/ LO Remember When 4th of July Jr. Prom w/ Deano Homecoming 

06 "It's A Girl Thing" w/ LO BB JL MH Target Pics JLR always LBO & SLM best friends John 8.1.06<3 Thanks 


Mom Dad Samantha Thank you for everything I Love You. Good Luck 2007. 






jf I 

Thomas Steven Rollins 

•Hello gcfjttemsnT 

Winter and Spring Track 2-4, History Alliance 1-4. Executive 4. Cross Country 3-4, NHS 3-4. 

Heres to four great years at EBHS, hanging out and working hard. I have a ton of memories here at this school j 

that I will remember for a long time. To all my amigos: Brack, Obie, Shea, Illsley, and Yaka. going hero on fht! 

warm downs. I remember all of the game nights that I held, playing Halo and Gears of War with Tony, Dan, Jacj 

Derek, Eric, and Pat. Happy times! All of the History Alliance fundraisers and trips were amazing! In school, 

liked all my classes and did well in all of them. Probably the best class I took was World History with Mr. Illsle > 

and Calculus with Mr. Siddiqui. I have no regrets or problems with EBHS. Everyone was cool with me and thij 

classes were not bad. All in all. Great Success! Byahhhhhhh!!!!! Haulin Rollins out! 


Andrew David Salmeri 

Courtney Michelle Schatzl 

Tve seen ft all in a small tovi/n Had. myself a bail in a small tovi/n 



Back in the day, LN,KD,BC.BP.JR. JI. Cheerin. state champs 

05'-06'!Florida, UCA camps, love you gurls,DL.CZ,MH,KH goodluck next year.My boys, 

JB,DH,WG,EW.KO,RM,KD,ML. I love you guys!Col, best timesw/you, love you! Original crew. Josh Co 

Bernie. 1,2 steppin, night at cols w/Bernie kev col, and I was on the team! Kev, so many 

fun times, drivin to Easton, breakfasts. AY, only ones left! RY, too much to say love you so much! Ronald, t m 

Zimm family, you guys are awesome! Christopher thanks for everything I love 

you. Mom, Dad Angela and Melissa. I love you guys. I cant thank you enough. 

Nathan Derek Schmuck 

"They say that high school flies by. It only seems that way, beeause 
your brain refuses to remember all of the boring stuff." 

During high school, I messed around, bugged dozens of people, had some laughs, freaked 
out, got on the honor roll, got punched in the face, got glasses, lost my braces, was pushed 

down a crowded bleacher, found out what I wanted to try to do for a living, read some 

books, met some people, went through three sweatshirt jackets, and tried and failed to learn 

how to say, "Where is the bathroom?" in French. I consider it an overall success. 


Ryan David Sheehan 

'*fou wctt'iHVie "trutWf Y*** c^t^frVtayycde, "Hit "th/tW' 

Activities: Football I -4, Weight lifting 1-4, Gridiron club 3-4 
the good times in and out of school. My crew JB, TB. CW. AY, MA. NG, AF, AH. JH. Steven M. Hacker. 
Jvl/ Sensei. Budda. CT. JVB. SR. MP, John Francis Sullivan, BO, RB. EB.RA,BP,MC.JI.SM,DF,Tevlin, BIG 

DAN. Gonna miss football, even though I had a tough time with it. Gonna miss the studies with 
B.BP.SR.JVB.MC. The JB sayings, "Are you done!" and "I know!" Rollin' in the Denali with the boys. The 

Sonata and Sable can die. (That's for JB and BP). Metals and woods with Harper, 
t anna thank my family for being there for me. my grandfather most of all. Wouldn't be the way I am now if it 

wasn't for him, and my friends for making it fun. 

Catherine Anastasia Simpson 

"Oflemer^ is a wa^ Off fielding ente tfie tfiingsyou love, tfie things uou 
are, tfie tfiingsueu never want te lose." 

AC, CA, JH, JH. JS, KL, KH, LE, SF "the states" you guys are amazing. 

I'm going to miss not being able to see you pretty much everyday. 

There are so many great memories we share and I thank you guys for 

that. Thanks to Mrs. McCabe who inspired me to pursue a career in art. 

A special thanks to my family and friends who mean the world to me and 

I wouldn't be where I am today without them. 

Mackenzie Leigh Smith 


2 ro&d -t+i ert- we walk. +fis &-t-<sp«=; -t-hart- we "t-alos. +he people we 
and -tha. a h oia eg v»#e make. They're all leading its sorriev^j+ner-e. 
irt-Mng u« -fro -th& -ire&srt: ■ guess -t*»a-fr *+'« all *or- +<*s beet." 

Activities-Karate, working and hanging out with friends 
i, Cindy, and Michelle you guys are the best! Ill never forget you and the fun times we 
together in lunch, class, and outside of school. Thanks for the sweet trips to subway eat 
f sh every Tuesday Joe Hurley! Pam we all missed you so much senior year! Thank you 
or everything Mom, Heather, Bobby, and Jeff. Andrea and Steph too. I love you all! 
Thanks for helping make the past four years the best they could be! 

f ."H 


^ r 


Jessica Lynn Sproule 

'Tm not even mai' 

Activities: Soccer 1-4, Capt. 4; Basketball 1-4, Capt. 4; Softball 1,2; Track 4; Executive Committee 1-4. Secretary 

4; Women in Technology 1-4; History Alliance 2-4. Secretary 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Senate 4. 

Best friends: LO.AV.BT.SM.CF, JD. KR. UC CS: KK. BP.RD.RC.KC.Good times with SR. AP, LC, JM. KRR. 

KCMD.LN. EB.KK.BC.BR.MO.SA.LM.JM.KZ.KW. JMD.DD. Good Old Days LN.CF.AF. Dome Crew. Who R 

U? Whos House? LunchLunchLunch. O What A Night. Renting Movies. Tennis & TCBY. A Whole New World. 

Junior! Hit it. TD. Workcamp 05 & 06. Prom 06. VA 05 & 06. Tourney 05 & 06. NY 06. 1 love my soccer and 
bball girls! Thanks P.Ross. Coach Lemoine, Coach Bernstein. I love you Mom, Dad, George, Sal. Grandma Ellie. 

Jim. John. Sharyn, Andy and Nicole. JE BC 


Stephanie Marie Stephens 

Activities: cheerleading 1,2 student senate 2,3,4 Executive 1,2,3.4 key club 1,2,3 

New years 03'. sophomore yr semi with DT ML RM. ski 

trip 05'06. proms with KD FB CM. SE, Middleborough 

cruises with MW DT BL. homecoming2005, SM DB LW KC RB MF MR 

RM. summer06 with PL. Becky's house. TEAM FUN camping trip. 

the condos, UFC fights, AL concert with DT MP AN. the flats, 

Wendy's trip 1 1/6/06, "swing batter batter." monster jam 05'06, . Thanks to my family and friends for alway 

being there for me. Peaceeeeee. 

Kyle Nicholas Stetler 

Activities: Soccer- 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1.2. 3,4 
Good times at lunch Belch, Big Win, Okelly, Manderson, and Grooms. Mr. Tressels the man. Beddia 

+Glen Kelly= best friends. See you at Norwich Hoffman. Mr. Savage, youre the man. Beddia- 

Hersheys Sundae Pie. oh yea. Belcher- Kyles money ooh. First league title- good job boys, good luck 

next year. Im going to miss everyone- KW, JB. MA, BO, JH, JE, AF, CW, TB, AV, KH, MP, 

Shawzio. CB. EM, CG, NG, CB, KM, BM, GG. NC, KR. AS, JA, JA. KB, JM,TP, SM- sorry if I 

missed you. Good Luck! 

Jenna Marie Stinchfield 

" 111 remember all the laughter. As we go our separate ways, Bui* there's so ml 
we're still learning. And" we Just can't be afraid. There's a world outside our dc I 
And nothing's in our way. But if that's not what wzrz looking for, We'll metvii; 

again someday." 1^ 

Activities: Softball, yearbook 

AC AB KH KL KS JH JV LE MA TM SF Thanks for all the memories over the year. 

We've had amazing times with each other. Boston, fires in the rain, concerts, Hallowet 

party, donut fights, movie nights, going out to dinner, driving around aimlessly, Wend\ 

glue fights, Duxbury, and so much more. Jenfur, since 5th grade we've had so many go 

times, I don't know what I'd do without you, thanks for always being there. Mom and D 

thank you for everything youve done for me, I couldn't of done it without you. Class ( 

2007 good luck with everything you do 

John Francis Sullivan 

"Yeah, maybe..." 

Activities: Hockey 2,3,4, Football 4 

Hanging out on the weekends with friends. Playing pool at Justin 

O'Kelly's house with RA NG MO JO. Going to the mall 

and playing Maximum Tune. Hanging out w/ JB SM TB in shop class. 

Playing video games, eating chips, and drinking Pepsi. 


Danielle Elyse Tardie 

tsuory story fos an ending, but m life every ending 
is just a neiw beginning." 

Activities: Student Senate 10. 11. Key Club, 9. Executive committee 9,10,1 1.12. 
nod times with MW. MP, SS, BL, AN, AV, KD. Middleboro drives, Beckys house, The 
ida bear. Taco Bell with Melissa, February Vacation with SS. The blizzard. Swing Batta 
Jatta senior prom 05. Junior Prom 06. Summer School crew, Andy, thanks. Long talks 
h Joe. Camping with Alex, Michelle, best friends since second grade. Nicole, Thanks for 
everything. Mom and Dad, love you. Good luck class of 07. 




^r 1 


' ^. / 

x \ 

\^ - 




Alexandra Johanna Topoulos 

"%([uqu oon't hue for semetn'mg, you die for nothing. 

Activities: Key Club, Yearbook, dance 

People say high school flies by and you never realize they're right until it actually happens. 

Thanks to all my friends especially Meg and Michaela, I love you guys. Whitman and B- 

wata mems, Ing and Shane, all our boys, and everything else. Ups and downs, you guys 

have always been there for me. Thanks to all the teachers who have helped me succeed in 

school. Thanks Mom, Dad, Noah, Dan, and Amanda- 1 love every one of you! Peace out! 

Christopher William Trask 

ittirjg a goal is not the Main thing- It is deciding bovjj ujoa 
jjiil go about achieving it and staging <oJith that -plan- " 

Football l-4capt4 Gridiron club 1-4 pres 4 

Football my boys III never forget best 4 years of highschool. The best 

people in the world my friends GW SY DD KC CF JR PL BO JH JB MP BF AA SM MA 

JD RB. To Gina who means the world to me youve been there for me through 

everything I can never thank you enough I love you. Cori the best sister 

ever and my parents for putting up with me all these years. Memories so many 

venus b cruisin the apartment the mandarin ST is a big dumb idiot ani gav 

Thank you whittemore family you were like my second home 

Brittany Marie Turner 

The ^greatest* thing you will ever learn, is just' to love and be loved" in return." 

Moulin Rouge 

Chorus 9-12. Rhythmix 10-12, Acapella 10-12, Art Club 9-12, Secretary 10, V. P. 1 1 . Drama 9- 1 2, Theatre 12. 

Math Team 1 1 . 
Many amazing experiences at EBHS... The Aunt Jemima Incident, Kat and the Russian Santa Clause. Anthony, 
going 2 WalMart everyday, Tralalas, Singing in the Rain. Dancing in the Dark, 1st loves, ringing bells. Thx for 
always being there for me: KD AD. KW. JL, SC, PH, My loves: Spanky, KW, EC. DM, DA. JP. NP, CA. SR, 
AT, JQ, Sparky. Good Times in chorus and drama: NO. AJ, ML. Arob, JV, AM miss ya Nele! If I forgot you, 
know that I heart you too! Peace, love, and happiness. "I'll grow up when you put the pudding cup away!" P.S. I 

love you Zuzana and Lexi 


Jessica Anne Valla 

"Well wait forever and see how close we geL." 

Rythmix, Reach out, Acapella. Drama 

The years at EBHS have gone by too fast. Although I will miss them. 111 never forget the good times Ive had aj 

the people Ive shared them with. The people who know me the best- .SH.EC.AB.KB.JS.AC.CH.NS. My Draif 

Queens- .KW.AR.NP.JP.KW.KD.BT. Kort thank you for everything, gt ms w/ Kris at CH. Steph I dont kno'f 

what Id do W/out you. There through it all, my truest. My Wifey- 111 never forget you, Im sorry ilysm. Alicia 

much fun during the summer ilysm. TH- Love You Babe. NS&CH- 1 love you guys! To all these people & tl| 

people I may have forgotten Thank you. 

Ashleigh Nicole Vanek 

'T^emen?ber every day that ends, brills a new tomorrow; 

Activities: Kickboxing. Yearbook Staff 
Starting out new here and meeting a bunch of amazing new people! 1/30/05-1/24/06 we had our ups and downs but all in all I think 

we learned a lot! "What it is yoo, whats upp." Home Coming05 w/NG NHS club. Mr. Smith sweats perfume! Zoe. Zoe!!! Jr. 

Prom06 was amazing [JE, AG & MP]!! [3/9/06-.]<3 my best friend, trip to the mall to get a huge plate of trench-fries, watermelon 

and orange chicken, "clank", "Me Too", JBE! All the Jr. Miss girls, I will never forget how much fun we all had. I love you all! Me 

& Kelly K. dancing to the circle of life during rehearsal! Holiday Boyfriend. Going home over summer to my best friends Lauren 

Kline & Mackenzie Murdock!<3 Skinners w/Bri B. . .doing our tip dance, like BAM! S&C06 w/ my little sisters [JM, HB. AC & 

AB] and TP! I miss you Quincy! S&C07 w/ Pete & John, haha! Surviving chemistry next to MB and hum. Phys w/KS. Mr. Eaton!! 

Yearbook staff07. Finally last but not least my creative writing teacher. Mr. Surrette, you taught me so much, thank you for all 

your support and patience & 1 will be one of the students that comes back and visits you! 

Amanda Lee Venezia 

" §>ome people come into our lives and quickly go out. <$ome staufor a vjfiile and lei' 
/footprints on our fiearts. An$ we are never, ever tfie same." 

Activities: Softball 1-4. Winter Track 1-4 Capt. Shot put 3, Soccer 1-3 Executive 
Committee, MarchMadness, Health Career Club, Yearbook Editor, and Reach Out. 
Bre T, I Miss you and Love you! J.Sproule and Lau Virgina 04"05"&06" best time 
of my life! Out till 12 "renting movies" JS&LO! JS&AS Maine 04' tubing! Alex N. I m 
the good times. Tardie Stevens & Michelle luv you guys. Depinas love ya! Softball gir 
ILU Carver turneyPeters! Pasta Fests! "Theata"-Daryn "Ur Tagged"-JS&CF Christine 
memories 4 life! Lau's 18th b-day! J.Sproule I can't say enough... thanks for everyhtin; 
Junior Prom 06' best time ever! I will miss EBHS"Mrs. Nickandros, Kirckaldy, Mason 1 

Carrara thanks! Love you Mom, Dad, and Nick! 



Tayler Earl Voegtlin 


Zoe Anna Vovcsko 


SR MC MK Raisin MM DE AM BC CS CB ML MT CL BF CL LD KC SB back in the 

day holdin down the bridge with CS-psst Zoolander! So many mems. w. 

Michelle-all we need is a little lunch money from KC! Zoe Zoe loves Malibu Barbie. 

Times in the neighborhood. WH crew-psycho boys. Scott we have so much fun 

together I love you. Thanks mom and dad, Mr. Lucier and Mr. Fairfield 

for making high school bearable. 

Kortney Jean Wakeman 

"kto Mcrri-©r bovxj r)igb, <J>ou'r© r)©u©r too sqall to reach) 
<j)Our dr©aq5."~ K."T.\i). 

Activities: Marching band 3.4. Winter Guard 2, Drama 2. 3, 4 Stage Manager 3.4 

Chorus 2.3,4 President 4 

Wicked fun times in MB w/JH KD AN DM PB JS. and everyone else. PB I love you! . My hart's 

yours! JH you're my only competition when it comes to drinking coffee, but I still win. SD be good and take care 

of things when I'm gone k love? I'm leaving you with my legacy good luck in what you decide to 

do. And who could forget DD runs with KD and JH! Lil bro, good luck with your future, love you tons. CG gurls. 

we brought it back like no one's business! *Muah* J-curr. I hart you so much. Keep singing. 

you've got an amazing voice hun. I will miss you all. 

Kyle Joseph Walden 



Activities: Soccer 1 Basketball 1 Math Team 3,4 
VARPED 06 w/JH KS KC TP AF. WARPED 03 w/JH. Chiodos w/CA. Mario Party 
/JD SF CA. Plymouth Beach House 05 w/CA. Cornerstone 03 w/JW CC. Creepy Ice 
am guy w/SF. Christie Lynn thanks for the best times in my life. Thanks for everything 

Mom, Dad, John and Megan 

Michael Patrick Walsh 

If life gives you lentous, make some kind of feuify juice. 

Conan O'Brien 

Activities: Band (9-1 1 ), Capachiones acting school. 

I'll always remember going around with my camera, filming stupid stuff with all my 

friends. I loved all the good times. I'll never forget the teachers and substitutes that 

suffered trying to teach me. I'd like to thank my entire family for helping me out. 


Melissa Lorrainne Walters 

'l«ifc $ like a be* of chocolates, 
you never knew what you're soma get."- Gump 

Good times w/DT,SS,BL,MP,KD,AF,ED; Becky's house, Middleborougl 

drives, the condos, taco bell with Tardie, concerts with my 

girls, Emma's house, chill zones, Nights at dean with 

McKenzie, Love you Mom, Dad, Kenz, and Kevin. 

Joel Steven Wentworth 

Past 4 years, ive had better.Cook street. Good times. Emma Dovell, my baby girl. Buddhas 

house, the prom, madd fun. Couldnt have made it thru here w/o these kids- 

SL,CB,MT.ML,JH.SY,AW,SB,AY,JG. Glad im finally getting outta this place so I can 

move on w/ my life, hopefully get an apartment & do something w/ art or tattoos. 

Never lookin back dude. Peace out. 

Cameron Winsor West 

Adam Wayne Yakavonis 

"Go out and gat what you'ra eoorth, 
but you'va got to ba coining to taHa tha hit.' 

Wat up to all my boys you know who you are. Shreddin at Waterville with WG CR KO watch out for those digasaurs. Chillen at 

Summer Street with WG JB DH NP. Journalism w/ NP. Shout out to my right hand man OSull. Prom 06 and Steve's. Sophomore 

Algebra with DH. Growing up w/ JB. Going to the top of the mountain w/ GO BP. Celtics game with GO JY DF. Junior year of 

Football playing with my brothers, and the entourage of senior year GO DF GB. DEEEEEEEEEEEEE WG JB DH. We so fly DH. 

Yerkes looks like Danny Bonaduce. Being the last ones left with CS. Lifting sophomore year with KB. Car Accident with GO. 

Running everyone in Madden at JBs. Track bus rides. Observing Gambee being himself. Jumping in bogs with JB. Summer Street 

Boys, six Flags with GO. Times with CA Shriners game sophomore year wAVG. Chillen with EW. Lake Champlain with the 

Gambees. Nobody do it like the Bridge. Everything else I forgot my bad. 

I love you Mom Dad Ross and Nana thank you for everything! 




Samuel Jerome Young 

'Ujvc fc my refyor)" - J^sy Martey 

Activities: CYO, Boy Scouts, EBXC. Peer Mediation, NHS 
Deano I love u bro Julianne I'll always love you Connie Billy Floyd Tol Rodriguez Joe Bud 
Traskie+GD Marky D JoC+CM Gav Buddy Andy Laakin Mandy Bri Lex Brasill+JL Zach Bodios 
Joah Al KC Ben Oliver MP JD+SR LL SS JB RA SM youre the best friends anyone could ask for. 
reat times; sinep SAMAPALOOZA gaming in Deans basement surfing longboarding paintball the 
shed biking ski trip retreat forts Venus shows MGS test SW fest. I want to thank Mr. Illsley Mr 
Dunphy and Father Wally. Mom Dad Meg and Dewey. You guys were always there for me and 
believed in me no matter what I did. I wouldn't be who I am without you. I love you! 


Ronald William Zimmermann III 

Good times with Peeg, Judge, Vizz. DLO. Dirgs (The Crew), JRob Kim. Allison and CMO and everyone else. Good times at 

CMO's. Peegs. Kims, Judgies Week, and KO's. Also Funway. And all other times / random crews. Country fest. Pig Roast. 

DLO's Roast. Graduations. Running with Lawson. SM, PL, SS and everyone else when the lady hit Marshalls house. Junior year 

football games with PG. GA, and JN. Sophomore year with CM CS PG BC. Freshmen year with PG, CMO. MM. EW. JW, MK. 

PL, PG, CMO. lyt Marshall. Junior summer at CMs. Before/After Basketball games at CMs. Night JN, GA, PG, DJ, CM, Dirgs... 

CR, KB, CM. CS. DJ, CMO, PG. SS. Random Nights at Asacks. 05/06 place with Bill n Melis watchin the crib Dirgs, DLO, 

PG, CM and Courtney. Weekend in Aruba with MM. CMO. PG. EW and the girls. Nights at KO's and Beg's. Crew + KO, JB, AY 

NP. JY...the regulars, good luck CM USMC love you bro. 
Thanks to my family and the Garabedians for always being there. Love You 



'Don't Stop Bfzlifzvin 

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Jeffrey Card 

Andrew Carey 

Daniel Carey 

Lauren Carey 


Michael Child 

Mathew Cepero 

Alexander Chodor 

Nicholas Clark 

Amanda Geary 

Kevin Costello 


Katelyn Dalto 

Corrie Dockrey 

Kyle Dunlea 

Brian Coyne 

Ryan Cramer 

Gina DeMaio 

Sarah DeMello 

Justin Dodge 

Brian Dolan 

Michael Curtin 

Erica DePina 

Alyssa Dias 

Jesse Drohan 


James Duffy 





Daniel Fairburn 

• I 

Jennifer Finerty 

Joseph Flynn 

Kayley France 

Lauren Frew 

Jessica Fruzzetti 

Anthony Gareri IV 

' ^,1 -w 

Jonathan Gentile 

Gregory Giguere 

Matthew Goulston 

Nathan Illsley 

Ashlyn Johnson 


iachary Kashgagian 

Patrick Kelly 

Brittany Kearney 


Lindsay Kelley John Kelly 



Camule Kenn 

Patrick Kerrigan 

Norah Kleckner 

Benjamin Knox 

ipril MacFarlane 

Daniel Marble 

Jordan McDermott 

Matthew McKeever 

Joelle McKenna 

Not Pictured: Christina Abboud, Robert Barrett 

Austin Downs, Xavier Garcia, Meaghan 

Garner, Kelley Gildea, Paul Gregory-Barton, 

Jonathan Joseph, Andrew Ledoux, 

Steven Leighton, Christopher Lupi, Elizabeth 

Ribeiro, Hilary Riley, Melissa Schatzl. 

Kerri-Anne Ray 

Amy Reichenbach 

Samantha Rice 

Taylor Richards 

Olivia Rodncks 


Caitlin Scully 

Sarah Rondeau 

Stephanie Sears 

Nicole Scanlon 

Angela Schatzl 




f* • 




L *"" * 






— '^ 

^ 1 , K\ 


John Shaughnessy 

Joshua Shaw 

Matthew Shea 


Amanda Willis 

Kristen Witnauer 

Jonathan Yerkes 

Jordane Zewiey Cassandra Zimmermann 

■:- j»* v^y 




• ^_ 




__ Aw~ 






Wayne Bainter 

Michael Coles 

Ryan Conrad 

Amanda Corr 

James Cosby 

Kevin Coyne 

Jessica Fitzgerald 

Tyler Fiumara 

Mitchell Fleischman 

Erik Fralick 

Christopher Fratus 

Christopher Guarino 

Monica Henneghan 

Timothy Hill 



[ L 1- 

Jordan Holbrook 

Mara Holbrook 

John Jardin 

David Johnson 


Nicholas Kelley 

Janelle King 

James Kozak 



Bradley Leal 

Keith Leverone 

Scott Lonergan 

Jonathan LeCours 

Hayden McCarthy 

Tiffany Mendes 

Brittney Levesque 

Andrew Lindsey 

Tyler McKean 

John McNulty 

Brittany Medeiros 

Samantha Mellett 



Kate Merrier 

Brittany Michaud 

Chelsea Murphy 

Kirsten Nelson 

Theresa Nicholas 

Kyle O'Neil 

Daniel Petersen 

Kaily Oliva 

Jennie Peterson 

Hillary O'Kelly 

Kyla Palaschak 



David Pierce 




Shannon Powers 

Not pictured: Kayla-Jean Anderson, Faith Card, 
Katelyn Carey, Michael Forfa, Emily Goeres, Brian 
Mandeville, Sarah McNeill, Amanda Steen, Jamie 
Tyrrell, Robert Virgo, Ryan Walsh. 


William Pellegrino 

Nikolas Perry 

Jillian Pittsley 

Corey Princiotta 

Robert Pol ley; 


Stephen Quinlan 

Taylor Rogers 

Lauren Saccoach 

Elena Savidis 

Jarrod Smith 

Shauna Stella 



Matthew Sheehan 

Samantha Sheehan 

John Solari 

Kelsie Spillane 

Sarah Stathis 

Melissa Tillett 

Nicholas Venezia 

Andrew Weymouth 

Emily Williams 

Kasey Woodbury 

. ., i-.'irV.. 


* 4 






* :; 



Jonathan Brown 


Joshua Amaral 

Thomas Anderson 

Lindsey Brown 

Brenner Campos 

Ryan Brown 

Kylene Carey 




Matthew Augenti 

James Balmforth 

Channon Barnes 

Amanda Bart 

Michael Bowen 

Christopher Brandc 

Matthew Cassford 

Brooke Chancholo 

Ashley Chas 

June Coelho 

Brandan Dunn 

Chelsey Corf man 

Faith Collins 

Trista Conroy 

Joseph Dwyer 

Daniel Eldredge 

Amanda Elfman 



Shane Fabrowski 

Hannah Emery 

Kayla Feeney 

Michael Feterowski 

Kelsie Finn 

Andrea Fiorini 

Emily Fowler 

Michelle Frew 

Brittany Gargiulo 

Ryan Gavin 

Ariana Goldberg 


t. =1 

Gershom Grossman 

Angelica Halner 

Taylor Hathaway 

Lauren Hennessey 

Devin Holmes 

Nicole Lymberopoi 

Christopher MacFarlane Danielle MacNeil 

Kaitlyn Maderio 

iffih arc 

Nicholas McGuire 

Jack McKay 

Cory McLaughlin 

Kaitlyn Merrikin 


1 - ■ 

* { 




_j L 

Brittany Millett 


Joseph Monahan 

Megan Merrikin 

Dee-Dee Morton 

Carleigh Murphy 

Nicole Nocera 

Geoffrey O'Brien 

Katherine O'Brien 

f- 3 





v L\ 

Kyle O'Brien Paul O'Brien III 




r 1 

_ 5. a> 

' ^ 


Stephanie Perez 

Ashley Phillips 


Dominic Puopolo 

Kaitlyn Reahni 

Jordan O'Neill 


Joseph Pagliuca 

Jessica Pierce 

Kimberly Pizzi 

Monah Roache 

Angela Rogers 

Allison Romano 

Ashley Rotondo 


Alyssa Pernardi 

Julian Place 

Paige Rogers 

J/z -' 

Dylan Salmeri 

Shunette Gordon, Branden Lewis, Amber MacLeod, 
Cory McKeever, Devin Packard-Lee, Ashley Smith, 
Kyle Torres. 

Tory Santilli 

Emmaley Silva 


Brittany Sprague 

Alex Steidle 

Ian Woodward 

Brandon Wright 

Heather Young 

Dustin Zentz 

Destinee Zewiey 

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19 92] 1994 1 1B35 1 1996J 2oo6 

Back row (L-R), Chad Quaqlia, Mike Coles, Geoff O'Brien, Chris Harvey, Jim 

Cosby, Nathan lllsley, Front Row (L-R) Mike Brack, Tom Rollins, Kevin O'Brien. 

Not pictured - Sam Young, Matt Shea, John Shaughnessy, Coach McCabe. 


The Boys Cross Country team 
had a tremendous season. 
Led by Coach McCabe and 
senior co-captains Kevin 
O'Brien and Mike Brack, the 
team went undefeated in the 
South Shore League, 
capturing the title. The top 
five "pack runners", O'Brien, 
Brack, Matt Shea, Mike Coles, 
and Chris Harvey were all 
named to the SSL All-Star 
team. However, without 
freshman Geoff O'Brien, the 
team would not have enjoyed 
all of its success. Geoff 
helped the team take home 
two of its wins by beating out 
the opposition's sixth man. 
With a talented group of 
underclassmen waiting in the 
wings, the team is poised to 
continue its run of excellence. 

^ffcl^S €>1*l£>SS COteHT&f 

1 08 

First row: Stephanie Perez, Kelly Gildea, Bridget Broydrick, Ashli 
Crowley. Second row: Emily Fowler, Tabitha Miskinis, Lea Signo, 
Jennifer Harvey, Summer Moukalled, Michelle LeBrun, Mikayla 

Astor, Coach Duggan. ( 


The Girls Cross Country team 
laid the groundwork for a 
successful future as the young 
squad battled to a 4-5 record in 
2007. Led by Coach Duggan, 
the team worked hard and 
pushed each other to a season's 
worth of personal bests. 

With a bevy of talented young 
runners and the benefit of 
having those runners gain 
valuable experience this year, 
the 2008 season promises to be 
one to remember. 

silver Lake 33-22 


\bington 30-26 


Harwich 18-50 


lockland 41-16 


Vlashpee 27-28 


sforwell 49-15 


/liddleboro 2 1 -48 


Carver 38-17 


■lull 15-50 


First row: 

Jacob Ellis, 
Greg Giguere, 
Corey Gilbertson, 
Kyle Stetler, 
Timothy Beddia, 
Thomas Pooler, 
Kevin McLaughlin. 

Second row: 

Robert McLaughlin, 
James Adams, 
Myles Tyrer-Vasell, 
Andrew Sproule, 
Nicholas Clark, 
Timothy Norment, 
Jake Adams, 
Chris Brigham, 
Kevin Costello, 
Mark Cusick. 


T\m\ ! ! 

LV!f rv." 

\ M 

" r *^^( 





15 Bridget Callahan 

5 Kim Campbell 

8 Kayla Coffman 
7 Kelly Kendrick 

1 1 Sarah Mallett 

22 Lauren O'Flaherty 
21 Courtney Powers 

17 Kelly Rogers 

19 Jess Sproule 

2 Stephanie Abiassaf 

18 Jess Brodie 
10 Lauren Carey 

6 Sam Hines 

20 Jordan McDermott 

12 Laikyn Nadolny 
4 Meaghan O'Brien 
14 Beth Ribeiro 

9 Janelle King 
Manager: Lycia Nadonoly 
Coach Ross 

Assistant Coach Lemoine 





I rf 


V A 

v A> 



The Girls Soccer team posted an equally outstanding 

season, finishing with a 14-4 record and earning their 

own bid to the state tournament. 

Seniors Elyse Benner, Bridget Callahan, Kim 

Campbell, Kayla Coffman, Kelly Kendrick, Sarah 

Mallett, Lauren O'Flaherty, Courtney Powers, Kelly 

Rogers, and Jess Sproule helped Coach Ross's squad to 

heir strong season and will leave big shoes to fill in the 

2007-2008 school year 

EB (1 - 1) WB 
Cohasset (5 - 0) EB 
EB (3 - 0) Hull 
EB (3 - 0) Mashpee 
Norwell (3 - 1) EB 
EB (2 - 0) Abington 
EB (8 - 0) Harwich 
EB (3 - 2) Carver 
EB (2 - 1) Cohasset 
EB (4 - 2) Hull 
EB (5 - 0) Holbrook 
EB (1 - 0) Mashpee 
Norwell (2 - 0) EB 
Abington (1 - 0) EB 
EB (7 - 2) Harwich 
EB (5 - 1) WB 
EB (1 - 1) Carver 
EB (3 - 0) Holbrook 
DS (4 - 2) EB 





Harwich (. 

EB (6 - 0) 
EB (5 - 0) Ma shpe 
EB (5 - 3) Carver 
EB (3 - 0) Cohasse 
EB (2 - 0) Harwiel 

EB (5 - 0) 

31 >Sl I 



EB (5 - 0) Norwel 
EB (1 - 0) Carver 
EB (2 - 0) Mashpe 
EB (0 - 0) WB 



EB (1 - 0) BR 


Rachel Davison 
Lindsay Egan 
Kate Dalto 
Leah Hartwell 
Brittni Perry 
Kathleen Ker: 
Lauren LeBIc 
Joelle McKenna 
Amanda Pet; 
Rachel Coltn 
Kristen Collins 
Mikaela Dunn 
Sarah Valiant 
Caitlin Powers 
Sam Rice 
Lauren Frew 
Jenna Johnson 

■;n DeDominici 
Hillary O'Kelly 
Chrissie t 
Taylor DeGrenier 

<*M V i 

The Field Hockey team continued its tradition of 
excellence in the fall of 2006, posting a 14-3 
record, including an appearance in the state 

Led by Jess Roberts, who surpassed the 100-goal 

career mark with 24 goals during the season, the 

Field Hockey team again demonstrated that hard 

work and commitment pay off with results. 

Stephanie Cone 
Sarah Fienberg 
Jen Finerty 
Andrea Fiorini 
Kristina Hammond 
Courtney Hanlon 
Megan Hennessey 
Jordan Holbrook 
Sydney Joyce 
Danielle Lafratta 
Jane Larkin 
Amber Macleod 
Jenay Martell 
Val Martin 
Katie Merrikin 
Meghan Merrikin 
Brittany Millett 
Casey Monahan 
Chelsea Murphy 
Sarah Murphy 
Ashley Rotondo 
Angie Schatzl 
Courtney Schatzl 
Kristi Smith 
Alura Trotman 
Destinee Zewiey 
Cassie Zimmermann 


'/!>*■ . 

% *< 





■ M . 





Led by Coach Larkin, the Cheerleading 

team kept up its history of strong 

performances during the 2006-2007 season 

The incredible cheerleading tradition in 
East Bridgewater has provided a constant 
stream of committed athletes at the 
varsity level every season. 






Vikings building for future 

Despite a disappointing record, second 
year head coach Shawn Tarpey is excit 
the progress the football program made 

The highlight of the season was the 
thrilling, whoever-has-it-last-is-going-t 
win battle against Weston. 

"The Weston game ended up being the i 
Friday night home game of the year," s 
Tarpey. "It was our first home night gi 
and our first home win. That was the { 
that running backs Brian Phillips and 
Nathan Brown really stepped up and 
provided us with a tremendous offensi 1 

With both Phillips and Brown set to rei i 
for their senior season in 2007-2008, tl 
Vikings appear poised to stake their cl; ' 
to their own piece of East Bridgewater 
storied football history. 



VMl (:fjL 

- T ■ ■ :- 

The Golf Team went 
through a rebuilding season 
in 2006-2007, but under the 
tutelage of Coach Cronin, 
they appear poised to turn 
this year's learning 
experience into success 
down the road. 

With top golfers Nick 
Venezia, Andrew Carey, 
Patrick Kelly, Brian 
Dennehy, and Ryan Walsh 
returning in 2007-2008, the 
team should be one to 
watch in the future. 


*y O i> 



SL (37.5 - 16.5) E 
arwich (30.5 - 23.5) EB 
liddleboro (31 - 23) EB 

Carver (25 - 24) EB 
Cohasset (33 - 21) EB 
EB (31.5 - 22.5) Abingt™ 
Mashpee (27.5 - 26.6) E 
Norwell (43.5 - 10.5) EB 
Silver Lake (29- 25) EB 
Carver (29.5 - 24.5) Eli 
Cohasset (38- 16) EB 
I (33.5 - 20.5) Abingto 
ishpee (33.5 -20.5) El 
Norwell (41.5 -12.5) El 
' Middleboro (28 - 26) El 
Harwich (35 - 19j 

Kendrick, Kelly 

Kenney, Kathleen 

Mallett, Sarah 

Nadolny, Lycia 

Phillips, Bethany 

Venezia, Amanda 

Abbiassaf, Stephanie 

Carey, Lauren 

Collins, Kristen 

DePina, Erica 

Foley, Erin 

Hartwell, Leah 

Kenn, Camille 

LeBlanc, Lauren 

O'Brien. Meaghan 

Rice, Samantha 

Valant, Sarah 

Astor, Mikayla 

Benson, Holly 

Cabral, Lisa 

Corr. Amanda 

DePina, Erina 

Finch, Kelly 

McNeil, Sarah 

Reid, Colleen 

Saccoach, Lauren 

Spillane, Kelsie 

Tevis, Liz 

Kilfolye, Hannah 

Larkin, Kelly 









The Vikings ran, jumped, and threw to a 2-4-1 record 

against a tough slate of competition. There were 

several highlights, including wins over Quincy and 

Sandwich, and many of the girls earned 

invitations to states. 

Twelve girls participated in the All League meet — 

Elyse Benner, Lindsay Egan, Kelley Kendrick, Amanda 

Venezia, Sam Rice, Sarah Valant, Stephanie Abiassaf, 

Meghan O'Brien, Erin Foley, Camille Kenn, Sarah 

McNeil, Colleen Reid, and Lauren Carey. 

II bllll 
II f ill 

4 1 Jl 

■■■*■•■■•• 1ft ■**■** 

"<v-: : vvi.-. ",--'^- -'■':. ■ ZtebJ&S&i 

Dan Marble 
Andrew Foster 
Matt Vital 
Nick Clark 
Mike Curtin 
Jonathan Yerkes 
James Belcher 
Greg O'Sullivan 
Andrew Sproule 
Greg Baggett 
Kevin Costello 
Coach Alessandri 

EB (63-54) WB 

Wareham (82-49) EB 

Middleboro (66-51) EB 

Middleboro (79-73) EB 

Mashpee (60-32) EB 

Norwell (53-49) EB 

Abington (75-40) EB 

Harwich (74-64) EB 

Carver (73-51) EB 

Cohasset (37-35) EB 

Hull (66-50) EB 

Mashpee (74-52) EB 

Norwell (71-35) EB 

Abington (76-29) EB 

Harwich (72-60) EB 

Carver (68-37) EB 

Middleboro (75-63) EB 

EB (55-50) WB 

Jen Harvey 
Ariana Goldbei 
Laikyn Nadolny 
Jessica Sproule 
Sam Hines 
Jordan McDermott 
Kelly Harvey 
Lauren Frew 
Coach Bernstein 

V/X'fJ jj^ 

Pembroke (44-36) EB 
Cohasset (36-25) EB 

Hull (57-23) EB 

Wareham (53-42) EB 

Middleboro (37-30) EB 

Middleboro (38-30) EB 

Mashpee (50-48) EB 

Norwell (53-49) EB 

Pembroke (34-22) EB 

Abington (51-31) EB 

Harwich (57-40) EB 

Carver (76-46) EB 

Cohasset (51-29) EB 

Hull (49-34) EB 

Mashpee (45-41) EB 

Norwell (59-38) EB 

Abington (61-48) EB 

Harwich (49-35) EB 

Carver (54-32) EB 

Middleboro (48-47) EB 




"if '"^L ■ 


/ «' 



v . .* 


a f 






/ ., 









! 1 S* 


& -• 

»■•* I —- 



. . . 


~ The Performing Arts section is presented by Michelle's Studio of Dance - 508-690-1350 


N£6t>A biVteion 1 Gwfl\v\o\A$ 



"Jump on it!" 

<« Color Guard 

Alexandra Nordberg 

performs the 2006 



1 t^^A ^m 

#,*! 1 



The Pit >» 



<§wefct Charity 

Dir^ct8^^;AdaiB R. Joy. Musical Direction by John R. Sparling. Choreography b 
Kelly J. BariRnd AdaiaA-Joy. Produced by Kelley J. Baran, Williams Cockshav 
and Teresa Caipachione. Stage Mangers Kortney Wakeman and Kristen Doucette 

E.B.H.S Drama Club i 

February 8 & 9, 2007 
7:30 p.m. 

East Bridgewater High School Auditorium 

Stage and Set Crew: Ryan Brown, Kevin Coin, Anthony Delorenzo, Traci Lang, Katie Moore, Danielle Madden, Tori Svioka, Jay 
Sparling, Dan Roher, Kelley Baran, Rob Butler, John Brown, Bill Cockshaw, John Sparling, Adam Joy, Cast of Sweet Charity. 

Colleen White as Charity, Lindsay Kelley as Nickie, Emily Kozak as Helene, Alycia Robinson as Carmen, 
Brianna Szwedko as Rosie, Brittany Turner as Suzanne, Michelle Kozak as Frenchy, Erin Rapp as Betsy, 
essica Fruzetti as Elaine, Paul Gregory Barton as Herman, Kim Waller as Ursula March, Michael Harvey as 

Vittorio Vidal, Mark D'Angelo as Oscar Lindquist, Rob White as Daddy Brubeck. 
The Fandango Dancers: Colleen White, Emily Kozak, Lindsay Kelley, Alycia Robinson, Brianna Szwedko, 
Michelle Kozak, Erin Rapp, Kim Waller, Jessica Fruzetti, Lauren Hennessey, Taylor Hathaway, Kimberly 

Pizzi, Brittany Turner, Shalaine Duffy, Kim Whiting, 
nsemble: Alex Dunn, Brandon Dunn, Kelsie Finn, Hannah Emery, Brenner Campos, Cody Wakeman, Gianna 

Luchetti, Nicole Pizzi, Kayla Dupras. 

£i_A66 Pe.e^>ipe.Nt - Lycia Nap^lNy 

TokcW Apn/i6^r.'6 N/|l65ac;e. 

The members of the Class of 2007 were in seventh grade on September 1 1th, 2001. Their young 
psyches were galvanized by tragedy and permanently altered by the events that day. But these young 
Americans have responded by creating a generation of hope in the face of crisis. They are capable, 
knowledgeable, and invested in their role as America's next great minds. 

Some head off to college. Others will serve their country in the military. Still others will enter 
public service or the job force. They are wildly divergent in their ideas and ideals, but more accepting of 
others' differences. They are armed with open minds and seem innately aware of the role diversity has 
played — and will continue to play - in the formation of the unique tapestry that is America. As the IM- 
generation, they are one of the first generations to have lived their entire lives in the Google-era and 
promise to take technology to a new level. 

They are faced with many issues: political unrest throughout the world, global warming, 
environmental protection, education, and disease eradication, among many others. But the very fabric of 
their generation — a generation marked by acceptance — promises that from their varied ideas and ideals 
will come solutions to these problems. 

The Class of 2007 is more mature, more knowledgeable, and more interested in the world than 
pre-millenial generations. It is uniquely American that a generation that came of age during crisis finds 
hope everyday. The Class of 2007 reinforces the concept that to be American is to follow one's dream, 
but it also recognizes that everybody's dream can, and should, be different. 

We have handed you a world rife with problems, but burgeoning with opportunity. Given what 
we've seen so far from you — your courage, your intuitiveness, and your ingenuity — we are excited to see 
what you come up with. Good Luck. 

- Mr. Scully, Torch Advisor. 


Class of 2010 Executive Committee 

The Class of 2010 Executive Committee: President Corey McLaughlin, 
Vice President Carleigh Murphy, Secretary Kayla Feeney, and Treasurer Geoff O'Brien. 

Class of 2008 Executive Committee 

., af 

The 2008 Executive Committee: President Derek Hieronymus, Vice President Laikyn Nadolny, 

Treasurer Nathan Illsley, Secretary Meghan O'Brien. 

^^^fl EW. 

Class of 2009 Executive Committee 

Class of 2009 Executive Committee: Lauren Bombardier, President, Chelsea Murphy, Vice President, 

Kelsey Lynch, Treasurer, Jenay Martell, Secretary. 

Class of 2007 Executive Committee 

Class of 2007 Executive Committee: Lycia Nadolny, President, Sarah Murphy, Vice President, 

Kevin O'Brien, Treasurer, Jess Sproule, Secretary. 

Student Senate 

Lauren Bombardier, Cody Bourne, Ryan Brasill, Rob Butler, Kylen Carey, Kayla Coffman, Kristen Collins, Racher Davison, John Dennehy, Lindsay Egan, Kayla Feeney, Corey 
Gilbertson, Jon Hachey, Myles Heger, Monica Heneghan, Derek Hieronymus, Timothy Hill, Nathan Illsley, Ashley Immar, Lindsay Kelley, Emily Kozak. Michelle Kozak. Jane 

Larkin, Gianna Luchetti, Jenay Martell, Cory McLaughlin, Meghan McPartlin, Summer Moukalled, Carleigh Murphy, Sarah Muiphy, Lycia Nadolny, Laikyn Nadolny. Peter 
Norment, Geoff OBrien, Kevin OBrien, Meaghan OBrien, Kaily Oliva, Brittni Perry, Chad Quaglia, Erin Rapp, Jessica Roberts, Stephanie Rollins, John Shaughnessy, Matt Shea, 

Jessica Sproule, Stephanie Stephens, Kim Whiting, Andrew Carey, Jake Adams, Kathleen Kenney, Meg Lincoln, Sarah McNeill, Zach Jones, Zach Kashgagian, Josh Jardin. 

Class of 2007 Executives 

Kevin O'Brien, Treasurer, Jess Sproule, Secretary, 
Sarah Murhpy, Vice President, Lycia Nadolny, President, Principal Vieira, Assistant Principal Fairfield. 


\ mi 

hHKi H 


James Duffy, Gregory Baggett, Kyle Walden, Zachary Jones 
Brian Dolan, Christie Almeida, Michael Harvey. 


National Honor Society 



.•* : *>^ 


Torch Committee 

Kelly Harvey, Kayla Ramsay, Jess Sproule, Christine Farrell, Ryan Tevlin, Alex Nordberg, Jennifer Hurley, 
Amanda Venzia, Eidtor, Briana Blackman, Lycia Nadolny. 

History Alliance 

Ryan Brown, Michael Coles, Emily Goeres, Sarah Arnold, Mark DAngelo, Jack Donovan 
ndrew Weymouth, Tyler McKean, Anthony Milauskas, Julie Morgan, Andrew Berens, Myles Heger, Gianna Luchetti, Hannah Emery, Nicholas Hoffman 
William Pellegrino, Erin Foley, Kristen Whitnanuer, Kate Mercier, Amanda Steen, Wayne Bainter 

Thomas Rollins, Jessica Sproule, Rachel Davison, Daniel Batchelder, Bethany Phillips , ~ . 

Art Club 

Mr. Melzack, Hayley Ellis, Erin Foley, Steven May 

Stephanie Pendleton, Kristen Whitnanuer, Kimberly Waller, Christine Farrell 

Brittany Benson, Emily Brady, Gina Pendleton 

Students Against Drunk Driving 

Meghan McPartlin, Nathan Illsley, Michelle Kozak 
Emily Kozak, Christine Farrell, Kayla Dupras, Kimberly Whiting 

■II I 

I i I 


ex Allen, Nicholas Bonner, Christopher Fratus, John Jardin, Sarah DeMello, Michaela Dunn, Alexandra Topolous, Sarah McNeill, Laikyn Nadolny, Laura Mitchell, Gina DeMaio, 
iamantha Hines, Amy Reichenbach, Allison Basel, Lauren Bombadier, Kayla Dupras , Kayla Ramsey, Alexandra Nordberg, Jaclyn Hefferon, Ashley Immar, Erin Rapp. Amanda 
Kirshkaln, Mrs. Moniz, Bethaney Phillips, Kathleen Conant, Summer Moukalled, Alycia Robinson, Kimberly Whiting 

Chemistry Club 

Mark DAngelo, Nicholas Barnabe, Brian Coyne 
Angela Nocera, Stephanie Sears, Jane Larking, Greg Baggett 

Future Nurses 

Mrs. McLaughlin, R.N., Laura Mitchell, Lycia Nadolny, Gina Pendleton, Amanda Venezia 
Summer Moukalled, Laikyn Nadolny, Briana Blackman. 


Amanda Steen, Brandon Dunn, Ms. Damaso, 
Alexander Topolous, Sarah DeMello, Michaela Dunn, Stephanie Faldonie 

Amnesty International 

fc— «- 

rft ^ 

*rom Left to Right: Caitlin Moore (Treasurer), Shaun 
-lamilton (Correspondence Officer), Andrew Berens (VP), 
Hhris Liva (Advisor), Mike Child (Secretary), and Taylor 
Richards (President). 


Scott Bush,Tyler McKean, Tyler Fiumara 

Mark DAngelo, Myles Heger Alex Dunn, Kayla Dupras 

Robert Butler, Christopher DeMolles, Nicholas Gazero 

French Club 

e Adams, Andrew Carey, Kevin Costello, Come Dockrey, Brian Dolan, James Duffy, Derek Hieronymus, Nathan Illsley, Emily Kozak. Michelle Kozak, 
ine Larkin, Meghan McPartlin, Emily ONeill, Chad Quaglia, Amy Reichenbach, Samantha Rice, Caitlyn Scully, Amanda Willis, Ashley Craig, Rachel 
Wson, Meghan Dupras, Lindsay Egan, Corey Gilbertson, Kelsey Hacker, Nicole Heath, Alexandra Nordberg, Brittni Perry, Jessica Roberts, Kelly Rogers, 
Stephanie Rollins, MacKenzie Smith, Alexandra Topoulos, John Dennehy, Paul Gregory-Barton, Lauren Carey, Shane Murphy, Ryna Brasill, Dean 
Debenedictus, Eric Barnabe, John Shaughnessy, Kevin Coyne, Lindsay Kelley, John Solari, Nicholas Hoffman, Wayne Bainter, Sarah McNeill, 

Jordan Hathaway, Sam Young, Chris Trask. 

it CouI^Jsr T t Be ^oNe 

By eo^aR a. C^uest 

tfomeBooy saio tHat it CouLojs't Be ooHe, 
But He witH a CHuckLe Replied 
tHat "mayBe it CouLoN't," But He wouLo Be ojsre 

Who wouLois't say so till He'o tRieo. 
$o He BuckLeb Ri^Ht iisr witH tHe tRaCe of a £RiN 
ON His face, if He woRRieb He Hib it. 
He staRteb to sijsr£ as He tackLeb tHe tHiisr£ 
tHat couLbjts't Be boisre, ajsrb He bib it. 

tfomeBoby scoffeb; "oh ; you'll JsreveR oo tHat* 
at Least no otre eveR Has ooise it"* 
But He took off His Coat ajsjo He took off His Hat, 
&no tHe fiRSt tHiN^ we knew He'o Be^uN it. 
WitH a Lift of His CHiN ajsro a Bit of a C/RiJsi, 

WitHOut any bouBtiN£ or ojiibbit, 
He StaRteb to siis§ as He tackLeb tHe tnijsr^ 
tHat CouLojsi't Be bojsre, aisio He oio it. 

tHeRe aRe tHouSaJsrbs to teLL you it CaNisrot Be boisre, I 
tHeRe aRe tHouSaisbs to pRopHeSy faiLuRej 
tHeRe aRe tHousajsrbs to poijsrt out to you, ojsre By ojsrel 
tHe oaisr^eRS tHat wait to assaiL you. 
But just BuCkLe ijsr witH a Bit of a ^Rijsr, 
Just take off youR Coat aisrb $o to itj 
Just staRt to siNC/ as you tackLe tHe tHijtsrcj 
tHat "cajsmot Be boise," aisrb you'LL oo it. 



~ In loving memory of Dorothy Catherine Bryan